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Psychological disorders, dreams, attachment in children, genetic influences on intelligence, shyness, eyewitness testimony, neuroscience, sensation & perception - these are just a few of the numerous topics covered in psychology. Although you may find many definitions, psychology is commonly defined as the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.

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Student Learning Goals

1: Psychology majors will learn substantive knowledge in the fundamental areas of psychology.

2: Psychology majors will demonstrate an understanding of psychological methodology.

3: Graduating seniors should be able to apply the principles of psychology in real-life settings and be prepared for careers in psychology related fields.

4: Graduating seniors should be aware of and proficient in using psychological resources (information competency).

5: Graduating seniors should be able to demonstrate critical thinking ability when discussing or writing about psychological issues.

6: Graduating seniors should be able to communicate effectively about the field of psychology in both an oral and written format.

7: Graduating seniors should be able to work effectively with other students and professionals in the field of psychology.

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