School of Arts and Letters

Communication - Organizational Communication Track (Bachelor of Arts)


Major Specific General Education Requirements for Organizational Track

The following courses not only satisfy a General Education Requirement (indicated in parentheses) but are also specific requirements for the Organizational Communication Track.

Note: This is not a re-statement of the University’s General Education Requirement but a list of specific General Education courses that are also requirements or pre-requisites for course work in the school/major.

  • COMM-S 121 Public Speaking
  • COMM-S 122 Interpersonal Communication

Major Specific Requirements in the Organizational Track

All Organizational Communication students complete all courses below. All courses are three credit hours unless otherwise noted.

  • COAS-S 154 Pathways (1 cr.)
  • COAS-S 399 Internship
  • COMM-S 210 Survey of Comm Studies (1 cr.)
  • COMM-S 223 Business & Professional Communication
  • COMM-S 229 Group and Team Communication
  • COMM-S 247 Research Writing in Communication Studies
  • COMM-S 306 Leadership
  • COMM-S 307 Crisis Management
  • COMM-S 321 Organizational Conflict Resolution
  • COMM-S 324 Persuasion
  • COMM-S 400 Senior Seminar in Comm Studies (2 cr.)
  • COMM-S 405 Communication Theory
  • COMM-S 424 Research in Comm Studies
  • COMM-S 440 Organizational Communication
Complete two of the following:
  • COMM-S 327 Interviewing Principles and Practices
  • COMM-S 336 Current Topics in Communication
  • COMM-S 353 Advanced Public Speaking
  • COMM-S 392 Health Communication
  • COMM-S 398 Independent Study in Communication
Complete one of the following:
  • COMM-S 392 Health Communication
  • COMM-S 427 Intercultural Communication
  • COMM-S 450 Gender and Communication

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