School of Natural Sciences

Minor in Sustainability and Regeneration

The Minor in Sustainability provides an interdisciplinary combination of courses in a liberal arts setting that will prepare students for careers in environmental and sustainability education, advocacy, and management.

Minor Requirements
All courses listed below require a grade of C or better.

  Primary Courses (Complete each of the following)

  • SUST-S 211 Sustainability and Regeneration: The Essentials
  • PHYS-P 120 Energy & Technology
  • PHIL-P 237 Environmental Ethics
  • SOC-S 309 The Community

  Secondary Courses (Complete one course from each discipline below)

  Environmental Science (Choose one)

  • EDUC-Q 450 & 550 Science Technology & Society in a Changing World
  • BIOL-L 200 Environmental Biology

  Social Sustainability (Choose one)

  • SOC-S 305 Populations & Human Ecology
  • SOC-S 308 Global Society

  Economic Sustainability (Choose one)

  • ECON-E 363 Environmental & Natural Resources
  • POLS-Y 376 International Political Economy

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