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History is the investigation of change and continuity in human societies over time. Historical study aims to understand the past in order to better understand the present. Studying history creates a trained habit of thinking in the long term and integrating a multi-disciplinary approach to the past by studying politics, society, the economy, arts, and other intellectual and cultural facets of the human experience. History is both a study of humanities and a social science. It addresses the study of individuals and the broader society, teaching you to shift your focus back and forth between the two, evaluating issues in context.

The skills and knowledge acquired in the History major at IU Southeast prepare students for success. Like other liberal arts disciplines, history sharpens your ability to think critically, argue logically, conduct research, analyze data, and communicate clearly, both orally and in writing. The coursework in history is excellent preparation for entering the professional world or graduate school.

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1: Students will develop skills in researching, critical thinking, data analysis, and oral & written communication.

2: Students develop the skills and methods of historical scholars.

3: Students learn knowledge about the past in at least three geographic regions.

4: Students take self-assessments and create a career development plan tailored to their interests.

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