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Certificate in European Affairs

The Certificate in European Affairs is intended to give students an understanding of European societies today, offering insights into cultural, social, political, historical, geographic, and economic variables essential to appreciating European societies, as well as a basic introduction to one European language.

Certificate Requirements

The certificate requires 15-16 hours, with a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 2.0.  Students must complete one course from each of the 4 areas (12-13 credit hours): Language, Culture, History & Philosophy, and Politics & Geography.  Student choose one additional course from one of the 4 areas or may complete a Study Abroad in Europe for a minimum of 3 credit hours.  Study Abroad in Europe is strongly recommended.

  • No more than two courses below the 200-level will count toward the certificate.
  •   Language

    FREN-F or
    GER-G or
    SPAN-S varies Students will take 1 language course in French, German, or Spanish.  Specific course will depend on student performance on a placement test.

      Culture (choose one course)

    ENG-L 297 English Literature to 1600

    ENG-L 298 English Literature from 1600 to 1800

    ENG-L 299 English Literature Since 1800

    ENG-L 303 Medieval English Literature in Translation

    ENG-L 309 Elizabethan Poetry

    ENG-L 313 Early Plays of Shakespeare

    ENG-L 314 Late Plays of Shakespeare

    ENG-L 365 Continental Drama

    FINA-A 101 Ancient and Medieval Art

    FINA-A 102 Renaissance through Modern Art

    FREN-F 300 Lectures Et Analyses Litteraires

    FREN-F 363 Introduction a la France moderne

    FREN-F 461 La France contemporaine

    FREN-F 475 Advanced Oral Practice 1

    FREN-F 495 Individual Readings in French

    GER-G 362 Introduction to Contemporary Germany

    GER-G 363 Introduction to German Cultural History

    GER-G 415 Perspectives on German Literature

    GER-G 418 German Film and Popular Culture

    GER-G 464 German culture and Society

    SPAN-S 407 Survey of Spanish Literature I

    SPAN-S 408 Survey of Spanish Literature II

    SPAN-S 411 Spain: The Cultural Context

    SPAN-S 275* Hispanic Culture and Conversation

    SPAN-S 291* Hispanic Literature and Civilization

    SPAN-S 301* The Hispanic World 1

    SPAN-S 302* The Hispanic World 2

    SPAN-S 303* The Hispanic World

    SPAN-S 363* Introduction to Hispanic Culture

    SPAN-S 494* Individual Readings in Hispanic Studies

      History & Philosophy (choose one course)

    HIST-H 103 Europe: Renaissance to Napoleon

    HIST-H 104 Europe: Napoleon to the Present

    HIST-B 323 History of the Holocaust

    HIST-B 361 Europe in the 20th Century I

    HIST-B 362 Europe in the 20th Century II

    PHIL-P 302 Medieval Philosophy

    PHIL-P 304 Nineteenth-Century Philosophy

    PHIL-P 314 Modern Philosophy

    PHIL-P 410 Ancient Greek Philosophy

    REL-R 152 Jews, Christians, & Muslims

    REL-R 327 Christianity, 50-450

      Politics & Geography (choose one course)

    POLS-Y 335 West European Politics

    POLS-Y 349 Comparative Public Policy

    POLS-Y 354 Nationalism in Europe

    GEOG-G 418 Historical Geography

    Elective (choose one additional course from any area listed above or complete a Study Abroad in Europe.  Study Abroad in Europe is strongly encouraged.)

* Denotes courses that are subject to departmental approval.

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