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Computer Science is the chief discipline for teaching engineering principles and the tools used in software applications development. Training students in these principles and the use of software development tools is one of the primary goals of Computer Science at IU Southeast.

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Mission/Vision Statement

Our mission is to serve our constituencies in teaching, research, and service.

In teaching, we strive to provide an environment for our students to learn of computer science in particular and instill the quest for knowledge about the greater world around them.

Through research, the faculty endeavors to generate new knowledge and stay current in a constantly changing discipline.

In service, we connect academic expertise and personal interests to our professional, university and the greater community common good.

Student Learning Goals

  1. Computer Science students will demonstrate proficiency in the areas of algorithmic problem solving, data structures, and software design and analysis.
  2. Computer Science students will work effectively in teams to design and implement solutions to computational problems and communicate effectively with a range of audiences using written, oral, and visual presentation skills.
  3. Computer Science Graduates will be successful professionals in the computer science industry or a closely-related discipline and/or be admitted to a graduate program in computer science or a closely-related discipline defined by the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) guidelines.

Computer Science BS Residency Requirement

The Computer Science department enforces the IU Southeast Residency Requirement and the School of Natural Sciences Residency Requirement for Bachelor’s degrees with no additions.

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