School of Arts and Letters

Minor in Spanish

Required Courses

The following courses are required of all students seeking a minor in Spanish.

  • SPAN-S 200 Second Year Spanish I
  • SPAN-S 250 Second Year Spanish II

Upper-Level Electives

Candidates for the minor in Spanish must earn 9 credit hours selected from the following.

Note: Native speakers are encouraged to substitute a 300 or 400 level literature or culture class for the S317 (Conversation).  Consult full-time Spanish faculty for more information.

  • SPAN-S 317 may be repeated once for credit through a study-abroad program.
  • SPAN-S 363 may be repeated once for credit.
  • SPAN-S 275 Hispanic Culture and Conversation
  • SPAN-S 291 Hispanic Lit and Civilization
  • SPAN-S 311 Spanish Grammar
  • SPAN-S 312 Written Composition in Spanish
  • SPAN-S 317 Spanish Conversation and Diction
  • SPAN-S 301 The Hispanic World 1
  • SPAN-S 302 The Hispanic World 2
  • SPAN-S 303 The Hispanic World 3
  • SPAN-S 363 Introducción a la cultura hispánica
  • SPAN-S 407 Survey of Spanish Literature I
  • SPAN-S 408 Survey of Spanish Literature II
  • SPAN-S 411 Spain: The Cultural Context
  • SPAN-S 412 Spanish America: The Cultural Context
  • SPAN-S 420 Modern Spanish American Prose Fiction
  • SPAN-S 450 Don Quixote
  • SPAN-S 471 Survey of Spanish American Literature I
  • SPAN-S 472 Survey of Spanish American Literature II
  • SPAN-S 494 Individual Readings in Hispanic Studies

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