School of Natural Sciences

Biology and Chemistry (Bachelor of Arts)

This program is designed for students who desire to have a solid background in both chemistry and biology.  This is especially recommended for individuals who plan to enter medical, dental, optometry, or other allied-medical schools.

Student Learning Goals

Upon completing the BA in Biology & Chemistry, students will...

  1. have a broad understanding of chemistry & biology.
  2. be able to analyze and critique biological data.
  3. be able to evaluate and synthesize biological information from multiple sources.
  4. demonstrate a broad range of biological skills.
  5. present scientific work orally.
  6. present scientific work in writing.
  7. have applied knowledge in the fundamental areas of chemistry.
  8. have applied laboratory knowledge and hands-on skills.
  9. have written legible and complete experimental records.

Biology & Chemistry BA Residency Requirement

In addition to the IU Southeast Residency Requirement for Bachelor's Degrees and the School of Natural Science Residency Requirement, students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Biology & Chemistry must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours in Biological Sciences, including at least two courses with associated lab, as well as 15 credit hours in Chemistry, in residence at IU Southeast.  

Degree Program Admission Requirements

To be fully admitted to the Bachelor of Arts in Biology & Chemistry degree program, students must meet the School of Natural Science's admission requirements and complete BIOL-L 101 (Introduction to Biological Science I), CHEM-C 105 (Principles of Chemistry I), & CHEM-C 125 (Experimental Chemistry I) all with grades of C or better.

General Education & BA Distribution Components

All students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Biology & Chemistry must complete the campus General Education Core Requirements.  See General Education Component for all IU Southeast Baccalaureate Degrees for a complete listing of requirements. 

Students must also complete the campus BA Distribution requirements as stated in the Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements.

Core Program

All courses listed below require a grade of C or better.  Courses marked with an asterisk (*) can be used to satisfy a General Education Core Requirement or a BA Distribution Requirement.

Technical Writing Requirement

  • ENG-W 234* Technical Report Writing

Physics and Mathematics Requirements

  • MATH-M 215* Calculus I
  • MATH-M 216 Calculus II
  • PHYS-P 201 General Physics: Mechanics, Heat, and Sound OR PHYS-P 221* Physics I
  • PHYS-P 202 General Physics: Electricity, Magnetism, Light & Nuclear Physics OR PHYS-P 222 Physics II

Major Specific Requirements 

Dept. Course Number Title Credit Hours Minimum Grade

  • CHEM-C 105* Principles of Chemistry I
  • CHEM-C 106 Principles of Chemistry II
  • CHEM-C 125* Experimental Chemistry I
  • CHEM-C 126 Experimental Chemistry II
  • CHEM-C 341 Organic Chemistry I Lecture
  • CHEM-C 342 Organic Chemistry II Lecture
  • CHEM-C 343 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
  • CHEM-C 344 Organic Chemistry II Laboratory
  • CHEM-C 317 Equilibria and Electrochemistry
  • CHEM-C 318 Spectroscopy and Separations
  • CHEM-C 315 Chemical Measurements Lab I
  • CHEM-C 361 Physical Chemistry of Bulk Matter
  • CHEM-C 484 Biomolecules and Catabolism
  • BIOL-L 101* Introduction to Biological Sciences I
  • BIOL-L 102* Introduction to Biological Sciences II
  • BIOL-L 211 Molecular Biology
  • BIOL-L 311 Genetics
  • BIOL-L 319 Genetics Laboratory
  • BIOL-L 312 Cell Biology

  Developmental Requirement (Select one option below)    

  • BIOL-L 317 Developmental Biology AND BIOL-Z 318 Developmental Biology Lab
  • BIOL-L 346 Molecular Developmental Biology 3/2 C
  • PLSC-B 373 Plant Growth & Development 5 C
  • PLSC-B 375 Horticultural Plants (with coordinator permission) 5 C

  Physiology Requirement (Select one option below)    

  • PLSC-B 370 Plant Physiology
  • PHSL-P 416 Comparative Animal Physiology AND PHSL-P 418 Comparative Animal Physiology Lab

Capstone Courses

  • CHEM-C 301 Chemistry Seminar OR CHEM-C 302 Chemistry Seminar
  • BIOL-L 403 Biology Seminar

General & Upper-Level Electives

Students must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours and 30 credit hours at the 300-level or above.  Elective courses may be necessary to complete the minimum credit hour requirements.

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