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The IU Southeast Fine Arts program is among the strongest at the Southeast campus due to its distinguished faculty, students, and ability to form liaisons with local and regional fine arts programs and organizations. The Fine Arts at IU Southeast is a challenging, innovative, and supportive learning program committed to the intellectual and social growth of students, and to the cultural well-being of the region.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Fine Arts program at Indiana University Southeast is to continuously design, build, and implement high quality programs of study in the visual arts and art history that support, integrate, and contribute to the missions of the School of Arts and Letters and the University. The program affirms and nurtures the intellectual and creative spirits of each individual while providing knowledge and structure to promote the appreciation and understanding of art and art history and of their contributions to the cultures and histories of humanity. Each student is encouraged to develop their own unique vision and critical thinking methods, and to come to a greater understanding and appreciation of the diverse responses and contributions of others. Students will explore how and why they work creatively, as well as develop appreciation for art in both a contemporary and historical context.

Art History Learning Goals

  1. Students will develop art historical literacy.
  2. Students will exhibit an understanding of the role of art in social and historical contexts.
  3. Students will exhibit analytical and critical abilities.
  4. Students will conduct art historical research and write effective academic discourse demonstrating information literacy.
  5. Students will be able to speak effectively about art.

Fine Arts Studio Learning Goals

  1. Students will demonstrate their ability to conceptualize their ideas visually.
  2. Students will demonstrate their ability to express their interests and goals as artists and designers.
  3. Students will analyze and evaluate their own art.
  4. Students will describe, analyze, interpret and evaluate the work of other artists and designers. 
  5. Students demonstrate their knowledge of the vocabulary and concepts used in the study and creation of art.

Fine Arts Program Studio Policies

 Students are responsible for degree requirements and the Fine Arts program polices which include:

  • Foundations Portfolio Review: All Fine Arts students must have a foundations portfolio review. Passing the review is required prior to entering the BA in Studio Art, the BFA, and the BS in Art Education is independent of all studio grades.  The portfolio review will also be used to identify weaknesses in a student's progress.  During the portfolio review, artwork is formally evaluated.
  • Professional Disposition: The IU Southeast Fine Arts Program has determined that a student's demonstration of professional disposition and their adherence to specified minimum standards of conduct are essential to the successful participation in and completion of the program.  The IU Southeast Fine Arts Disposition Code is a program-level set of minimum standards that complements but does not supersede the broader IU Code of Students Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct.  The specific standards of the code and its implementation will be made available to students in course syllabi.
  • Senior Year Requirements: During the spring semester of senior year, students participate in an exhibition of their work or a career day event for graphic design majors. 
  • Art Transfer Credit Review: Transfer students with art credit from other institutions must have a transfer portfolio review in order to determine which courses from other institutions will be accepted as satisfying the Indiana University Southeast Fine Arts studio requirements. For guidelines for submitting a transfer portfolio, please contact the School of Arts and Letters Academic Advising office.
  • Academic Standing in Fine Arts Studio Courses: Students must receive a grade of C or higher in all studio and art history courses. A student can repeat a course no more than two times. If the required course is not passed with a grade of C or higher a student will not be allowed to continue in the program.

Fine Arts Scholarships and Awards

  • Outstanding Student Award
  • Martha K. Stem Scholarship
  • Kate Torp Scholarship
  • Rebecca Jennings Award
  • Adam Woeppel Scholarship
  • John R. Guenther Memorial Art Scholarship

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