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The mission of the Geoscience program is to provide an excellent scientific educaton through teaching, scholarship, and service. Our program offers a number of tracks in the Geosciences that support student career goals and aspirations. This program has a history of providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary for pursuing professional development and/or advanced education; and in preparation for employment.


Students entering the university in pursuit of a Geoscience degree can complete for the four year renewable Malcom Kochert Scholarship for Physical Sciences.

Student Learning Goals

  1. Students will acquire substantive knowledge of global spatial patterns and concepts central to geosciences.
  2. Students will have the analytical and technical skills necessary to perform spatial analysis and research using ArcGIS or other technology.
  3. Students will acquire knowledge and skills sufficient to allow admittance to a graduate program or find employment in a related field.

Geoscience BA Residency Requirement

The Geoscience Department enforces the IU Southeast Residency Requirement and the School of Natural Sciences’ Residency Requirement with no additions.

Degree Program Admission Requirements

To be fully admitted to the Bachelor of Arts in Geosciences degree program, students must meet the School of Natural Science's admission requirements and complete GEOG-G 107 (Physical Systems of the Environment) or GEOL-G 100 (General Geology) with a grade of C or better.

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