Mission Statement

 “Quality education for a lifetime of achievement.”

The mission of the School of Business is to provide both traditional and nontraditional students with a “quality education for a lifetime of achievement” through a challenging, innovative, and supportive learning environment that enables students to achieve their potential.

The School of Business serves the community through student, alumni, and faculty involvement. The school’s undergraduate population is predominantly drawn from the nine-county service region in southern Indiana, with additional students originating from greater Louisville in Kentucky. A large number of the undergraduate population is first-generation college students, and approximately 85 percent of graduates continue their professional careers in southern Indiana and the greater Louisville area. The school’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) population consists of working professionals and is approximately evenly distributed between southern Indiana and Louisville. The Master of Science in Strategic Finance (MSSF) is an interdisciplinary program catering primarily to finance and accounting professionals in southern Indiana and Louisville.

To accomplish our mission, the School of Business provides excellent professional business and economics education in fully accredited undergraduate and graduate business degree programs with a balanced emphasis on each program. Elements related to our mission are teaching, to enhance student learning and instructional effectiveness continuously so that students can succeed in their professional careers; scholarship, to enhance faculty intellectual capital and the advancement of knowledge; and service, to enrich the university and community through faculty service and professional activities.

 Teaching: Enhancing Student Learning and Faculty Instructional Effectiveness

Enhancing student learning to prepare them for a lifetime of achievement includes increasing their knowledge of subjects common to business curricula and their awareness of ethical, societal, and global dimensions of business. It also includes the development of skills in such areas as technology, group activities and interaction, critical thinking, problem solving, and oral and written communications. Such student knowledge, awareness, and skills will prepare them to make better decisions throughout their life and careers. Enhancing instructional effectiveness includes providing a supportive and innovative learning environment in which the faculty uses a variety of pedagogical approaches appropriate to the subject matter to facilitate student learning. Attributes of a supportive learning environment include academic advising, career counseling, faculty/student interaction, and both traditional and innovative methods of delivery.

Scholarship: Continuously Enhance Faculty Intellectual Capital and Advancement of Knowledge

Enhancing faculty intellectual capital is integral to student learning and instructional effectiveness. The IU Southeast School of Business is primarily focused on teaching. Consistent with our mission statement, the School places equal value on learning and pedagogical research, discipline-based scholarship, and contributions to practice. This scholarship augments faculty intellectual capital, improves instructional pedagogy, and advances knowledge by contributing to academic and professional literature.

 Service: Enriching the University and Community through Faculty Service and Professional Activities

Faculty service has multiple components including service to the university, community, and profession. University service is necessary to successful academic programs. Service to the community at large and its organizations enables them to better respond to changing needs and economic conditions. The practice of academic and professional competencies directly facilitates faculty intellectual development and ultimately contributes to instructional excellence and student learning.


“To Be a Premier Regional School of Business”

Our vision is to be a premier regional school of business, serving our region comprising southern Indiana and the greater Louisville metropolitan area.

Student Learning Goals

School of Business graduates are knowledgeable professionals who are capable decision-makers, effective communicators, and technologically adept. 

Area:  Knowledge of Business

Goal:  Students demonstrate knowledge of business including the areas of accounting, economics, management, quantitative business analysis, finance, marketing, legal and social environment, information systems international issues, and operations management.

Area: Decision Making

Goal: Students are capable decision makers, employing problem solving methodologies, critical thinking skills, and ethical reasoning.

Area: Communication

Goal: Students are effective in both oral and written business communications. 

Area: Technology

Goal: Students identify and use appropriate technology software to communicate, solve business problems, and aid in decision making.

Area:  Professionalism

Goal:  Students demonstrate professional conduct in business settings.

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