School of Social Sciences

Minor in History

Degree Requirements

Requirements for a Minor in History: 18 credit hours in history, including: three courses from among HIST-E 100, HIST-F 100, HIST-G 100, HIST-G101, HIST-G102, HIST-H 101, HIST-H 103, HIST-H 104, HIST-H 105, HIST-H 106, HIST-W101; and three 200, 300, or 400-level courses, including HIST-H 236 and one course from a second geographical area.

  • HIST-E 100 Issues in African History
  • HIST-F 100 Issues in Latin American History
  • HIST-G 100 Issues in Asian History
  • HIST-H 101 The World in the Twentieth Century
  • HIST-H 103 Europe: Renaissance to Napoleon
  • HIST-H 104 Europe: Napoleon to the Present
  • HIST-H 105 American History I
  • HIST-H 106 American History II
  • HIST-H 236 The Historian’s Craft

Specific Requirements for Minor in History

HIST-H 236 is required for Minor in History.

  • HIST-H 236 The Historian’s Craft

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