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Minor in Art History

Mission Statement

The mission of the Fine Arts program at Indiana University Southeast is to continuously design, build, and implement high quality programs of study in the visual arts and art history that support, integrate, and contribute to the missions of the School of Arts and Letters and the University. The program affirms and nurtures the intellectual and creative spirits of each individual while providing knowledge and structure to promote the appreciation and understanding of art and art history and of their contributions to the cultures and histories of humanity. Each student is encouraged to develop their own unique vision and critical thinking methods, and to come to a greater understanding and appreciation of the diverse responses and contributions of others. Students will explore how and why they work creatively, as well as develop appreciation for art in both a contemporary and historical context.

General Education Component

Note: This is not a re-statement of the University’s General Education Requirement but a list of specific General Education courses which are also requirements or pre-requisites for course work in the school/minor.

  • ENG-W 290 Writing in the Arts and Sciences
  • FINA-A 101 Ancient and Medieval Art
  • FINA-A 102 Renaissance through Modern Art
  • FINA-A 150 African, New World and Oceanic Art
  • (FINA-A 458 may be substituted for FINA-A 150.  Both may not both be taken for credit.  Only FINA-A 150 fulfills the General Education diversity requirement.)

Core Program

The following courses are required for a minor in Art History.  FINA-A 458 Topics in the Ethnographic Arts may be substituted for FINA-A150 Africa, New World and Oceanic Art. FINA-A150 and FINA-A458 may not both be taken for credit.

  • FINA-A 101 Ancient and Medieval Art
  • FINA-A 102 Renaissance through Modern Art
  • FINA-A 150 African, New World and Oceanic Art
  • (FINA-A 458 may be substituted for FINA-A 150.)

Academic Standing in Fine Arts History Courses

Students must receive a grade of C or higher in all art history courses. Any course for which the student did not receive a full C must be retaken or considered an elective. In the latter case a different art history course at the same level and category may be substituted for the deficient course.

Specific Requirements for Minor

In addition to FINA-A 101, FINA-A 102, and FINA-A 150, students will choose an additional two courses (6 hours) from the following lists. At least one course must be from a European derived tradition and at least one from an Indigenous tradition.


European Derived Traditions

  • FINA-A 315 Art of the Ancient World
  • FINA-A 322 Romanesque and Gothic Art
  • FINA-A 403 Baroque and Rococo Art
  • FINA-A 404 Modernism:  Art, Politics, and Innovation,  1850 – 1900 
  • FINA-A 405 Art of the Northern Renaissance
  • FINA-A 406 Art of the Italian Renaissance
  • FINA-A 439 The Historical Avant-Gardes: Art from 1900 to 1945
  • FINA-A 440 19th-Century Art 1
  • FINA-A 457 Experimental Art Since 1945

  Indigenous Traditions

  • FINA-A 362 Art of Japan
  • FINA-A 402 Arts of Native North America
  • FINA-A 451 Art of the South Pacific
  • FINA-A 458 Topics in the Ethnographic Arts
  • (FINA-A 150 and FINA-A 458 may not both be taken for credit.)

  Variable Topics (May fulfill either category based on the specific subject matter)

  • FINA-A 490 Topics in Art History (3cr. repeatable)
  • FINA-A 495 Readings and Research in Art History (1 – 4 cr. repeatable for a total of 9 cr.)

Students must also complete a 400 level Senior Seminar in Art History: To be taken in Junior or Senior year.

  • FINA-A 400 Senior Seminar in Art History

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