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Bachelor of Arts in History

The study of history covers all recorded expressions of human activity: political, economic, social, cultural, and intellectual. Because of its broad scope, history provides an exceptional introduction to all studies that concern human beings and their activities.  Historians seek to understand not only the past but also how it informs the present. History focuses on the complex but essential issues of change over time.

The discipline of history demands and develops a broad perspective, analytical skills, and an ability to communicate with clarity and acumen. It is among the most useful disciplines because it enhances skills that can be beneficial in any vocational setting.

Degree Requirements 

Students receiving the Bachelor of Arts in History degree must complete 120 total credit hours including:

  • A minimum of 30 credit hours at the 300- or 400-level
  • Courses required for the major must be completed with a grade of C- or higher
  • A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required
  • Courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted


Major Specific Requirements  (37 hours)

HIST-H 199 Careers for History Majors

Four courses from HIST- E 100, HIST-F 100, HIST-G 100, HIST-H 101, HIST-H 103, HIST-H 104, HIST-H 105, HIST-H 106

Six courses at the 200, 300 or 400 level, including two courses in one geographical area, one course in a second geographical area, one course in a third geographical area, and two additional courses;

HIST- H 236 Must take before senior year; cannot be taken at the same time as a senior seminar or the semester previous to senior seminar.

HIST-J 495  Students will not be authorized for Senior Seminar, in a semester in which they are taking Sophomore Seminar or in a semester immediately following the semester in which they took Sophomore Seminar.

No more than three courses that count toward the major can be transferred in or taken online via another IU campus.

HIST-H 236 and HIST-J 495 must be taken from IU Southeast faculty and will not be replaced with another class.

  • HIST-H 199 Careers for History Majors
  • HIST-E 100 Issues in African History
  • HIST-F 100 Issues in Latin American History
  • HIST-G 100 Issues in Asian History
  • HIST-H 101 The World in the 20th Century
  • HIST-H 103 Europe:  Renaissance to Napoleon
  • HIST-H 104 Europe:  Napoleon to the Present
  • HIST-H 105 American History I
  • HIST-H 106 American History II
  • HIST-H 236 The Historian’s Craft


  • HIST-J 495 Proseminar for History Majors

Geographical Area History Courses

    United States History

  • HIST-A 260 Early North American Women's History
  • HIST-A 261 Modern American Women’s History
  • HIST-A 301 Colonial North America, 1500-1763
  • HIST-A 302 Revolutionary America, 1763-1791
  • HIST-A 303 United States, 1792-1829
  • HIST-A 304 United States, 1830-1865
  • HIST-A 310 Survey of American Indians 1
  • HIST-A 313 Origins of Modern America, 1865-1919
  • HIST-A 314 Recent U.S. History, 1919-1945
  • HIST-A 315 Recent U.S. History II, 1945-present
  • HIST-A 317 American Social History, 1865-present
  • HIST-A 333 History of Indiana 1
  • HIST-A 348 Civil War & Reconstruction
  • HIST-A 356 African-American History II
  • HIST-A 380 The Vietnam War
  • HIST-A 381 Civil Rights Era in the U.S.
  • HIST-H 218 History of Motion Pictures
  • HIST-H 233 Sports in History
  • HIST-H 373 History of Science & Technology
  • HIST-H 407 Oral History

    European History

  • HIST-B 323 History of the Holocaust
  • HIST-B 356 French Revolution and Napoleon
  • HIST-B 377 History of Germany Since 1648
  • HIST-H 205 Ancient Civilization
  • HIST-H 206 Medieval Civilization
  • HIST-H 222 Renaissance & Reformation

  Latin American History

  • HIST-F 216/416 History of Slavery in the Americas
  • HIST-F 232 Upheaval in 20th Century Latin America
  • HIST-F 341 Latin America: Conquest & Empire
  • HIST-F 342 Latin America: Evolution & Revolution
  • HIST-F 350 The Environment in Latin American History
  • HIST-F 360 Natural Disasters in Latin American History

  Asian History

  • HIST-G 200 Issues in Asian History
  • HIST-G 300 Issues in Asian History
  • HIST-G 385 Modern China
  • HIST-G 387 Contemporary China
  • HIST-H 207 Modern East Asian Civilizations
  • HIST-H 208 American-East Asian Relations

  World History

(can be used for 200-400 History electives)

  • HIST-H 243 Environmental History
  • HIST-H 376 Atlantic World History
  • HIST-H 425 Topics in History
  • HIST-W 255 Natural Disasters in World History
  • HIST-W 300 Topics in World History

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