School of Arts and Letters

Minor in French
Minor Requirements

Fundamentals Courses

  • FREN-F 200 Second-Year French I: Language & Culture
  • FREN-F 250 Second-Year French II: Language & Culture

Candidates for the minor in French must earn 9 credit hours of 300- and/or 400-level courses from among the following selections;  or their equivalents as determined by the coordinator in French. 


  • FREN-F 300 Lectures et analyses littéraires
  • FREN-F 305 Chefs-d’oeuvre de la littérature française I
  • FREN-F 306 Chefs-d’oeuvre de la littérature française II
  • FREN-F 313 Advanced Grammar and Composition I
  • FREN-F 314 Advanced Grammar and Composition II
  • FREN-F 315 French Conversation and Diction I
  • FREN-F 316 French Conversation and Diction II
  • FREN-F 320 Travaux Pratiques de Pronunciation Française 
  • FREN-F 363 Introduction à la France moderne
  • FREN-F 391 Studies in French Film
  • FREN-F 415 La culture francophone
  • FREN-F 461 La France contemporaine
  • FREN-F 474 Thème et version
  • FREN-F 475 Advanced Oral Practice I
  • FREN-F 495 Individual Readings in French

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