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Indiana University Southeast offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in mathematics which provide a sound background for students who plan on studying for advanced degrees in mathematics, as well as for students who plan on following careers in industry, business, or education.

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Natural Sciences Office: (812) 941-2284


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Student Learning Goals

  1. Students will demonstrate mathematical knowledge.
  2. Students will demonstrate analytical and reasoning skills.
  3. Students will be prepared for further study and for careers in their field.

Mathematics BA Residency Requirement

The Mathematics Department enforces the IU Southeast Residency Requirement and the School of Natural Science Residency Requirement with no additions.

Degree Program Admission Requirements

To be fully admitted to the Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics degree program, students must meet the School of Natural Science's admission requirements and complete MATH-M 215 (Analytic Geometry & Calculus I) with a grade of C or better.


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