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Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.)
Student Learning Goals and Outcomes

The Bachelor of General Studies degree is distinctive in that it allows a student considerable freedom to develop a program of study based on his or her interests and prior experiences. This degree program places more emphasis on the breadth of development across academic disciplines than a traditional program within a well-defined major.

  1. Demonstrate Knowledge in more than one discipline
  2. Demonstrate writing skills in reasoned argument
  3. Demonstrate the ability to address a controversial issue or problem fair-mindedly
  4. Demonstrate the ability to integrate knowledge from reliable sources to support an argument
  5. Demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills to benefit others in life or work
Degree Requirements

Degree Program Admission Requirements

Admission Procedures

  1. Students must complete or have completed 26 credit hours before they can apply to the General Studies degree program, as well as have earned a minimum GPA of 2.0.
  2. All applicants must meet with a program advisor for an advising appointment.
  3. If applicants have previously attended a college or university, they should direct that institution to forward a transcript to the Office of Admissions, Indiana University Southeast, 4201 Grant Line Road, New Albany, IN  47150.
  4. Students who wish to transfer from another academic unit within Indiana University must first make an appointment with a General Studies program advisor.

General Degree Requirements

See “General Requirements for Undergraduate Degrees at IU Southeast” in this Bulletin.  Bachelor of General Studies students must fulfill the University’s General Education requirements and the minimum requirements to graduate, i.e. 120 hours and a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0. Please note: IU Southeast graduates students with the Program G.P.A.  However, students planning to attend graduate school should expect to be admitted to those programs based on their Indiana University G.P.A.  Students are encouraged to explore specific graduate school's admission requirements, including G.P.A.

Basic Skills/General Education Component

The following courses typify the basic skills expected of a student who earns the Bachelor of General Studies degree. Additionally, some of these courses will also fulfill portions of the University’s General Education requirements.  NOTE:  While a grade of C- or below will count toward your General Education Requirements, a grade of C is required in order for these courses to count toward your areas of concentration of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, and Science and Math.

  • ENG-W 131 Writing Composition
  • COAS-S 104 Freshman Seminar
  • PSY-P 101 Introduction to Psychology I
  • SOC-S 163 Social Problems
  • COMM-S 121 Public Speaking
  • ENG-W 290 Writing in the Arts and Sciences
  • MATH-M 101 Topics in Algebra 4
  • MATH-M 102 Topics in Algebra 5
  • MATH-M 110 Excursions in Mathematics
  • MATH-M 112 Quantitative Literacy I
  • MATH-M 114 Quantitative Literacy II
  • MATH-T 101 Math for Elementary Teachers 1
  • MATH-T 102 Math for Elementary Teachers 2
  • MATH-T 103 Math for Elementary Teachers 3
  • MATH-M 118 Finite Mathematics
  • MATH-M 122 College Algebra
  • MATH-M 119 Brief Survey of Calculus
  • MATH-K 300 Statistics
Distribution and Concentration Requirements

Bachelor of General Studies students are expected to complete three disciplinary areas of learning: Social and Behavioral Sciences (12 credit hours), Humanities (12 credit hours), or Science and Math (12 credit hours).  Additionally, each student must select an Area of Concentration (18 additional hours) from one of the aforementioned disciplinary areas. A grade of C is the minimum grade for a course in each disciplinary area.  However, within each area, students must otherwise maintain an overall C average. 

Students are also required to have 30 credit hours of 300-400 level courses.  A minimum of one course in two of the three disciplinary areas must be at 300-level or higher or deemed equivalent by the Dean.  Students will consult a list of approved courses for this purpose provided by their advisor.

General Studies students are also required to take a capstone/senior seminar.  This course is an upper level course that can be counted in the area of Arts and Humanities, as well as toward the 300-400 upper level requirement.  A grade of C or better is required in the capstone course.

Students must receive a grade of C or higher in all courses used to fulfill the Distribution and Concentration requirements. Any course in which the student receives a grade of less than C (C- is less than C) will count only as a general elective toward the 120 hours required for graduation.

Courses taken to complete the Basic Skills and/or General Education requirements may count toward the area distribution and concentration requirements subject to having a sufficient number of courses at the 300-400 level and subject to earning a grade of C.


Total Hours: 31

Students, in consultation with their academic advisor, are encouraged to concentrate their elective courses in related subjects or to pursue minors that will help them to professionalize the Bachelor of General Studies.

Other Requirements and Limitations
  1. A minimum of 30 credit hours of the required 120 credit hours must be taken within the eight campuses of Indiana University.
  2. A minimum of 18 credit hours of course work accepted for the B.G.S. degree must be taken after the student has been admitted to the General Studies degree program.
  3. Students must have an overall GPA of 2.0 before they can graduate from the General Studies degree program However, students planning to attend graduate school may be admitted to those programs based on their Indiana University GPA.  Therefore, students are encouraged to explore the admission requirements of specific graduate schools, including the GPA.
  4. A minimum of 30 credit hours of the required 120 must be taken at the upper-division level, i.e. numbered 300 or above. The 30 credit hours must include at least one 3-credit course from two of the three areas of learning, which are Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, and Science and Math.
  5. A maximum of 30 hours in each subject will be accepted toward the B.G.S. degree.
Capstone Requirement

The senior seminar is designed to provide a peak experience in pursuing the Bachelor of General Studies degree.  Succeeding in the course will demonstrate fulfillment of many of the learning outcomes of the degree, though some are achieved in other courses.  It will also signify preparedness "to secure meaningful employment" upon graduation.

In order to enroll in the General Studies senior capstone course, the following guidelines must be followed:

  1. General Studies students will be guided to begin planning to take the capstone course in their junior year (56-85 credit hours).  The prerequisite for the capstone course is ENG-W 290 Writing for the College of Arts and Sciences.  Students must have a grade of C or better in W290.
  2. Prior authorization is required from the Manager of General Studies or the General Studies Advisor.  Students should plan carefully to avoid the risk of having to take an additional term to graduate.
  3. Students are encouraged to apply for enrollment in the capstone course the semester before they plan to enroll in the course.  They must have 86 credit hours or be in their last semester of school.
  4. Students must have a Program GPA of 2.0 or higher to enroll in the capstone course.
  5. In order to enroll in the capstone course, students must obtain permission from the Manager or Academic Advisor of the General Studies degree program.
  • GNST-G 400 General Studies Capstone

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