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Music Business (Bachelor of Science)

Program Description 

The strength of this degree is that it provides a strong core in music theory and music literature and history with specific skill courses reflecting multiple aspects of the business side of music creation and promotion. The curriculum draws and integrates coursework from the School of Business, and the Journalism, and Fine Arts departments; and is designed to prepare students  for entry-level positions in recording studios, arts centers, wholesale or retail musical equipment outlets, booking agencies, live performance venues,  music publishing companies or the film industry.  An internship is required. 

Admission to the Music Department is by audition only.

Students applying for admission into the Music Department at Indiana University Southeast to pursue a B.A. or B.S. in Music – as well as those applying for a music scholarship – must attend one of the Music Department’s Audition Days.  Students can audition in any one of our tracks from our five major concentrations: Music Business, Composition, Vocal/Instrumental Performance, Music Education, and Pre-Music Therapy.   Audition dates and specific information relating to auditioning for certain tracks are posted on the music department’s website


  • Rasmussen Scholarship Award in Music
  • Martha K. Stem Scholarship in Music
  • James A. Poteet Award for Band
  • Sherri L. Stiefler Scholarship in Music

Music Department Policies

Please see the department website for more information.

Degree Requirements

Students receiving the Bachelor of Science in Music degree must complete 120 total credit hours including:

  • General Education Core (30 cr.)
  • Music Core Courses (36 cr.)
  • Track Requirements (48 cr)
  • Electives as needed to complete 120 total credit hours

  • A minimum of 30 credit hours at the 300- or 400- level
  • Courses required for the major must be completed with a grade of C or higher
  • Courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted
  • A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required

Complete the University General Education requirements. Generally students are free to pick amongst the approved courses to fulfill General Education; however, for maximum degree completion efficiency for this degree, select the following courses to satisfy these areas of the General Education curriculum: 

Written Communication   

  • ENG-W  131 Reading, Writing, & Inquiry I 
  • ENG-W  231 Professional Writing Skills 

Oral Communication   

  • SPCH-S  121  Public Speaking 

Arts & Humanities   

  • MUS-T  109* Rudiments of Music I 

 *unless student places in to MUS-T 113 ; in which case , any approved Arts or Humanities course.

Core Requirements (36 cr.) 

  • MUS-T  113 Music Theory I
  • MUS-T  114 Music Theory II
  • MUS-T  115  Sightsinging and Aural Perception I
  • MUS-T 116 Sightsinging and Aural Perception II 
  • MUS-T  215 Sightsinging and Aural Perception III
  • MUS-T 216 Sightsinging and Aural Perception IV
  • MUS-T  317 Analysis of Tonal Music 
  • MUS-T  318 Analysis of Post-Tonal Music 
  • MUS-M  201 The Literature of Music 1
  • MUS-M 202 The Literature of Music 2
  • MUS-M  403  History of Music 1
  • MUS-M 404 History of Music 2 
  • MUS-A 301 Electronic Studio Resource I
  • MUS-P 100 Piano Elective and Secondary 
  • MUS-X 040/070 University Instrumental/ Choral Ensembles

 The following are 0 credit requirements   

  • MUS-X 001 All Campus Ensemble 3 semesters 
  • MUS-X 095 Performance Class  7 semesters 

Track Requirements (48 cr.)

Music Business track requirements. 

  • BUS-A  200 Foundations of Accounting 
  • BUS-K 201 The Computer in Business
  • BUS-M  300 Introduction to Marketing 
  • BUS-W 100 Principles of Business Administration
  • BUS-W 211 Contemporary Entrepreneurship
  • CMCL-C 337 New Media
  • ENG-W 311 Writing Creative Non-Fiction
  • ENG-W  315 Writing for the Web
  • FINA-P  323  Introduction to Web Design 
  • JOUR-J  301 Social Media Strategies
  • JOUR-J 320 Principles of Creative Advertising 
  • MUS-Z 340 Music Business Survey 
  • MUS-U 411 Performing Art Center Management 
  • MUS-U  413 Legal Aspects - Music Industry 
  • MUS-U  440 Practicum

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