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Applied Health Science

The Applied Science program covers the basic technical and applied aspects of health science. Courses include health care delivery and leadership, health communication, policy, and ethics. Students learn about the economics of health care and receive foundational knowledge in legal matters. Our program is designed to enhance potential for career advancement within the health care sector in entry- and mid-level positions in health-related organizations.

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 Learning Outcomes

  • PLO 01: Utilize problem solving, critical thinking, and decision-making skills in a variety of health care settings and situations.   
  • PLO 02: Utilize effective leadership and management strategies in common health care delivery systems and environments.   
  • PLO 03: Apply evidence-based health care practices for optimum health outcomes.   
  • PLO 04: Demonstrate accountability within the legal and ethical parameters of the health care system.   
  • PLO 05: Integrate communication skills into professional roles.   
  • PLO 06: Utilize information technology in the delivery of health care.   
  • PLO 07: Explore the historical and contemporary social determinants of health that shape health status, health behavior, and health inequalities.   
Community Health Educator Track  
  • PLO 08: Utilize the core functions of public health for population health change   
  • PLO 09: Construct interventions to promote health and prevent illness.   
  • PLO 10: Evaluate outcome measures related to program effectiveness and accountability.    

Health Administration Track   

  • PLO 11: Integrate value based leadership in professional practice.   
  • PLO 12: Evaluate effective leadership competencies in diverse practice settings.   
  • PLO 13: Utilize diverse strategies to assess organizational effectiveness.   

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