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Music - Audio Production (Bachelor of Science)
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  • Rasmussen Scholarship Award in Music
  • Martha K. Stem Scholarship in Music
  • James A. Poteet Award for Band
  • Sherri L. Stiefler Scholarship in Music 

Students applying for admission into the Music Department at Indiana University Southeast to pursue a B.A. or B.S. in Music – as well as those applying for a music scholarship – must attend one of the Music Department’s Audition Days.  Students can audition in any one of our tracks from our five major concentrations: Music Industry, Composition, Vocal/Instrumental Performance, Music Education, and Pre-Music Therapy.   Audition dates and specific information relating to auditioning for certain tracks are posted on the music department’s website at

Degree Requirements

  • General 

Complete 120 total credit hours, with at least 30 at the 300-400 (upper division) level, with a program cumulative grade point average of 2.0 

  • General Education Requirement (30 credit hours)

Complete the University General Education requirements.

  • Major Requirements 

Core Program

All music majors are required to take courses that engage the student in the general study of music through music literature, theory, technology, and performance.  The following courses serve as a foundation to this study and are meant to complement specific courses in one’s concentration.  A more specific description of these requirements is located online at:

  • MUS-M 201 The Literature of Music 1
  • MUS-M 202 The Literature of Music 2
  • MUS-M 403 History of Music I
  • MUS-M 404 History of Music II
  • MUS-T 113 Music Theory I
  • MUS-T 114 Music Theory II
  • MUS-T 115 Sightsinging and Aural Perception I
  • MUS-T 116 Sightsinging and Aural Perception II
  • MUS-T 215 Sightsinging and Aural Perception III
  • MUS-T 216 Sightsinging and Aural Perception IV
  • MUS-X 040 or 070 *Univ Instrumental Ensembles (040) or University Choral Ensembles (070) (four completions required)
  • MUS-X 001 *All-Campus Ensembles (3 completions required)
  • MUS-X 095 *Performance Class (7 completions required)

 *For more detailed information on the Ensemble and Performance class requirements, see the Music Department website (  

  • Track Requirements - Audio Production 

The Audio Production program is designed to provide audio production students with a program that affords students a more in-depth understanding of the profession and a greater breadth of skills and experience.  The program is designed to give students improved preparation for graduate school, post-baccalaureate technical programs and more varied options in the job market.  The BS degree and employers and graduate schools are accustomed to their students having the expertise gained from the concentration in studio the BS degree provides. Students interested in pursuing employment in various avenues of audio production such as live or studio recording, sound for theatre, live performance sound, or continuing on to graduate and post-baccalaureate certification in the field are encouraged to apply.

Specific Requirements for Major:

  • MUS-Z 340 Intro to the Business of Music
  • MUS-A 321 Sound for Picture Production
  • MUS-U 413 Music Law
  • MUS-U 411 Concert Management
  • MUS-A 301 Electronic Studio Resources I
  • MUS-Z 110 Song Writing
  • THTR-T 225 Stagecraft I
  • THTR-T 424 Stagecraft II
  • THTR-T 483 Sound Design
  • MUS-A 101 Intro to Audio Recording
  • MUS-A 302 Audio for Multimedia & Internet
  • MUS-A 270 Multitrack I
  • MUS-A 370 Multitrack II
  • MUS-A 470 Individual Project
  • MUS-A 423 Final Project
  • MUS-A 440 Internship (Repeatable)
  • MUS-P 100  Piano Class

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