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Minor in Philosophy
Degree/Certificate Requirements

By completing 15 credit hours in philosophy, including 3 credit hours in logic and 9 credit hours at the 200 level or above, students can receive a minor in philosophy. Minoring in philosophy offers students working toward another major the opportunity to expand their studies and inform their work in other disciplines. It gives students a chance to address some of the ethical questions that will undoubtedly arise within the context of their chosen field, as well as to gain a stronger grasp of the philosophical and historical elements that contribute to the foundations of their discipline. In addition, minoring in philosophy helps the student to sharpen his or her analytic skills and to achieve a greater cultural awareness.

Select one Logic course

  • PHIL-P 113 Introduction to Debate, Argument, and Persuasion
  • PHIL-P 150 Elementary Logic
  • PHIL-P 250 Introductory Symbolic Logic
  • PHIL-P 251 Intermediate Symbolic Logic

  Prescribed Electives

  • PHIL-P 200/300/400 3 courses (9 units) in Philosophy at 200 level or higher

  Open Elective

  • PHIL-P 100-400 One additional Philosophy course at any level

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