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Minor in Writing

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All courses and prerequisites fulfilling the requirements for minors in English must be completed with a grade of C or higher. 

Minor Requirements

General Education Component

Note: This is not a re-statement of the University’s General Education Requirement but a list of specific General Education courses which are also requirements or pre-requisites for course work in the minor.

  • ENG-W 131 Reading, Writing, & Inquiry I

Eighteen (18) credit hours at the 200 level or above, including:

Specific Requirements for Minor in Writing

  • ENG-G 205 Introduction to the English Language
  • ENG-W 206 Introduction to Creative Writing
  • ENG-W 350 Advanced Expository Writing

  One of the following:

  • ENG-W 231 Professional Writing Skills; OR
  • ENG-W 234 Technical Report Writing; OR
  • ENG-W 290 Writing in the Arts and Sciences; OR
  • ENG-W 315 Writing for the Web
  • ENG-W 364 Art of Magazine Editing for Publication and Production
  • ENG-W 371 Rhetorical Practices
  • ENG-W 395 Individual Study of Writing: The Art of Magazine Writing (Beginning Fall 2018 this course is replaced by ENG-W 426)
  • ENG-W 426 Writing Nonfiction for Popular and Professional Publication

  One of the following:

  • ENG-W 270 Argumentative Writing, OR
  • ENG-W 420 Argumentative Writing AND
  • ENG-W 200+ Any elective designated ENG-W at the 200 level or higher (W 270 and W 420 may not both be taken). Students should consult the course descriptions and semester-specific course schedules for more information on electives in Writing.

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