School of Natural Sciences

Minor in Geoscience

Required course. Students must select one.

  • GEOG-G 107 Physical Systems of the Environment
  • GEOL-G 100 Earth Science:  Geologic Aspects

Course required for all Geoscience Concentration.  Students must select one.

  • AST-A 100 The Solar System
  • AST-A 105 Stars and Galaxies
  • GEOG-G 201 World Regional Geography
  • GEOL-G 221 Introductory Mineralogy


Students must select 9-12 additional credit hours from Astronomy, Geography, and/or Geology courses, with at least 6 credit hours in lecture-based courses at the 300-400 level, with approval of the Geoscience advisor.  Students cannot earn a minor in Geoscience if they apply for a Geoscience major or a Geography or Geology minor.

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