School of Arts and Letters

Minor in Communication Theatre

Department Policies

  • All required courses in the theatre track must be completed with a minimum grade of C.
  • Students may not use correspondence courses in theatre for academic credit.
  • Students may take one theatre course through Metroversity per year, totaling no more than 4 Metroversity courses.

Degree Requirements

Students must complete 15 credit hours from the follow core theatre requirements for a completion of a minor. The theatre history requirement may be completed with either THTR-T 270 or THTR-T 271.

 Common Requirements/Core Program

  • THTR-T 120 Acting I: Fundamentals of Acting
  • THTR-T 225 Stagecraft I

Students must choose one of the following:

  • THTR-T 270 Introduction to History of Theatre I
  • THTR-T 271 Introduction to History of Theatre II

Six (6) credit hours must be selected from courses in theatre electives. These electives must be at the 200-400 Level.

Upper Division Requirements

Elective and Upper Division Options

  • THTR-T 221 Movement for the Actor
  • THTR-T 230 Stage Costuming I
  • THTR-T 236 Readers Theatre I
  • THTR-T 275 American Theatre: The Black Experience & Contribution
  • THTR-T 310 Creative Dramatics
  • THTR-T 315 Oral Interpretation II
  • THTR-T 320 Acting III
  • THTR-T 325 Voice and Speech
  • THTR-T 326 Introduction to Scenic Design
  • THTR-T 335 Stage Lighting Design
  • THTR-T 340 Directing I: Fundamentals
  • THTR-T 345 Theatre for Children
  • THTR-T 349 Theatre Practicum
  • THTR-T 363 Modern Plays for Stage Interpretation
  • THTR-T 385 Theatre Laboratory
  • THTR-T 390 Creative Work in Summer Theatre
  • THTR-T 400 Arts Management
  • THTR-T 410 Movement for the Theatre
  • THTR-T 424 Stagecraft II
  • THTR-T 433 Costume Design
  • THTR-T 446 Theatre for Children
  • THTR-T 453 Playwriting I
  • THTR-T 458 Screenwriting
  • THTR-T 483 Topics in Theatre and Drama
  • THTR-T 490 Independent Study in Theatre and Drama

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