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Minor in Fine Arts

Fine Arts Program Studio Policies and Degree Requirements

 Students are responsible for degree requirements and the Fine Arts Department polices which include:

  • Professional Disposition: The IU Southeast Fine Arts Program has determined that a student's demonstration of professional disposition and his/her adherence to specified minimum standards of conduct are essential to the successful participation in and completion of the program.  The IU Southeast Fine Arts Disposition Code is a program level set of minimum standards that complements but does not supersede the broader IU Code of Students Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct.  The specific standards of the code and its implementation will be made available to students in course syllabi.
  • Art Transfer Credit Review: Transfer students with art credit from other institutions must have a transfer portfolio review in order to determine which courses from other institutions will be accepted as satisfying the Indiana University Southeast Fine Arts studio requirements. For guidelines for submitting a transfer portfolio, please contact the School of Arts and Letters Academic Advising office.
  • Academic Standing in Fine Arts Studio Courses:  Students must receive a grade of C or higher in all studio and art history courses. A student can repeat a course no more than two times. If the required course is not passed with a grade of C or higher a student will not be continued in the program.

Minor Specific Requirements - 18 credit hours

  • FINA-F 100 Fundamental Studio - Drawing
  • FINA-F 101 Fundamental Studio - 3D

    Choose 1: 

  • FINA-F 102 Fundamental Studio - 2D
  • FINA-D 210 Digital Art: Survey and Practice

  Select one of the following tracks:

  Track 1 (pre-requisites: FINA-F 100, FINA-F 101, FINA-D 210)

Select 2 of the following:

  • FINA-S 260 Ceramics 1
  • FINA-S 250 Graphic Design 1
  • FINA-S 217 Video Art

  Select a 300-Level Studio Course

  Track 2 (pre-requisites FINA-F 100, FINA-F 101, FINA-F 102):

Select 2 of the following:

  • FINA-S 260 Ceramics 1
  • FINA-S 200 Drawing 1
  • FINA-S 230 Painting 1
  • FINA-S 240 Printmaking 1

    Select a 300-level Studio Course 

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