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Certificate in Gender Studies

Mission/Vision Statement

The Gender Studies Program at IU Southeast is interdisciplinary and draws from diverse specializations. In the program, students learn and share knowledge about the way gender, sexuality, and culture shape the experiences, ideologies, individuals, and politics in the world.  Students explore issues of gender, sexuality, and culture in the context of history, literature, class studies, religion, art, philosophy, sociology, the natural sciences and other areas.  The Women’s and Gender Studies program is dedicated to working for intellectual excellence, educational equity and a campus free of sexism, racism, heterosexism and other forms of discriminatory treatment.

Certificate Requirements

24 credit hours in women's and gender studies, including:

  • GNDR-G 101 Gender, Culture, and Society
  • GNDR-G 498 Seminar in Gender Studies (Senior Seminar)
  • 18 credit hours in other women's studies courses which must include:
    •  two humanities courses from approved list of electives
    •  two social science courses from approved list of electives
    •  at least 12 of these 18 credit hours must be in 300- to 400-level courses 
  • GNDR-G 101 Gender, Culture, and Society


  • CJUS-P 318 Gender, Crime, and Justice: A Global Perspective
  • CJUS-P 335 Race, Gender, and Inequality in the Criminal Justice System
  • ENG-L 207 Women and Literature
  • ENG-L 210 Studies in Popular Literature and Mass Media
  • ENG-L 335 Victorian Literature
  • ENG-L 351 American Literature, 1800-1865
  • ENG-L 352 American Literature, 1865-1914
  • ENG-L 354 American Literature, 1914-Present
  • ENG-L 371 Critical Practices
  • ENG-L 378 Studies in Women and Literature
  • FINA-A 485 Women and Gender in the Visual Arts
  • HPER-H 305 Women's Health
  • LSTU-L 210 Workplace Discrimination/Fair Employment
  • LSTU-L 289 Work Like a Girl: Women’s Evolving Workplace Role
  • LSTU-L 290 Topics in Labor Studies: Preventing Sexual Harassment
  • LSTU-L 290 Topics in Labor Studies: Family Medical Leave Act
  • LSTU-L 385 Class, Race, Gender, and Work
  • PHIL-P 394 Feminist Philosophy
  • POLS-Y 324 Women and Politics
  • PSY-B 388 Human Sexuality
  • REL-R 364 Topics in Gender and Western Religion
  • SOC-R 320 Sexuality and Society
  • SOC-R 326 Masculinity and Society
  • SOC-S 338 Sociology of Sex Roles
  • SOC-S 416 The Family
  • SOC-R 463 Inequality and Society
  • SPCH-S 450 Gender and Communication


  • GNDR-G 498 Seminar in Gender Studies (Senior Seminar)

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