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Certificate in Conflict Analysis and Resolution

The Certificate in Conflict Analysis and Resolution develops conflict management skills and the ability to analyze conflict over time and in various settings. The required curriculum focuses primarily on interpersonal conflicts and offers students a fundamental knowledge and understanding of the theories of conflict and applicable problem solving strategies. Transformative conflict resolution requires mediation and negotiation, and only through an understanding of the ethical, cultural and power dymnamics at play is resolution possible. Elective courses provide social, historical and international perspectives of conflict. With such knowledge, students learn the stakes in resolution, patterns over time, and precedents for success.

Students are required to complete 18 hours wiht a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0, including at least nine hours at the 300-level or above.

Required Coursework

  • CJUS-P 313 Conflict Management

Choose Two of the Following:

  • BUS-M 421 Fundamentals of Negotiation
  • PHIL-P 140 Introduction to Ethics
  • PSY-P 321 Group Dynamics
  • SOC-S 318 The Self and Social Interaction
  • CMCL-C 427 Cross Cultural Communication

Choose Three Elective Courses from the Following:

  • CJUS-P 330 Ethics in Criminal Justice
  • CJUS-P 335 Race, Gender and Inequality in the Criminal Justice System
  • CMCL-S 229 Discussion and Group Methods
  • HIST-A 301 Colonial North America
  • HIST-A 302 Revolutionary United States
  • HIST-A 381 Civil Righs Era in the United States
  • HIST-B 315 European Anti-Semitism, Enlightenment to the Holocaust
  • HIST-B 323 History of the Holocaust
  • HIST-B 360 Europe from Napoleon to the First World War
  • HIST-B 361 Europe in the Twentieth Century
  • HIST-F 341 Latin America: Conquest and Empire
  • HIST-F 342 Latin America: Evolution and Revolution
  • HIST-H 101 The World in the Twentieth Century
  • PHIL-P 113 Debate, Argument, and Persuasion
  • POLS-Y 107 Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • POLS-Y 109 Introduction to International Relations
  • POLS-Y 335 West European Politics
  • POLS-Y 337 Latin American Politics
  • POLS-Y 351 Political Simulations (1 cr. Repeatable two times)
  • POLS-Y 369 Intro to East Asian Politics
  • POLS-Y 392 Special Topics in Political Science: Theories of Power
  • POLS-Y 471 Terrorism
  • SOC-S 419 Social Movements and Collective Behavior
  • SOC-R 463 Inequality and Society
  • SOC-S 335 Race and Ethnic Relations

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