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Students engage in a broad range of music courses that includes performance, music theory, music history and music technology, as well as classes appropriate for the focus of their selected concentration. A full array of general academic subjects traditional to the liberal arts provides skills and knowledge in written and oral communication and provides an excellent academic foundation for personal development and professional flexibility. Our goal is to help students fully develop their unique musical abilities with the goal of being prepared in both knowledge and skills for a professional life in music. Our program features small class sizes and attention to the individual.

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Student Learning Goals

1: (Theory) All students will have knowledge of musical grammar.

2: (Music Literature and History) All students will have knowledge of the fundamentals of the musical lexicon of classical/art music of the European/American tradition.

3: (Performance) Vocal and instrumental performance majors and music education majors will develop performance skills in an applied area appropriate to their concentration.

4: (Composition) Composition majors will develop skills in crafting music that communicate their knowledge of musical materials and which is at a level appropriate for public performance.

5: (Music Technology) Music technology majors will develop skills in recording or arranging that communicates their knowledge of music fundamentals and aesthetic understanding.

6: (Sound Engineering and Audio Production) Sound Engineering and Audio Production major will develop skills in recording and sound production that communication their knowledge of technical fundamentals and aesthetic understanding.

7: (Technology) All majors will acquire basic knowledge of notation and digital production software.

8: (Music Business) Music Business majors will acquire knowledge and skills requisite for their success in business-related positions in the arts.

9: (Music Education) Music Education majors will acquire basic knowledge and skills in communication, classroom management and pedagogy.

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