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Indiana University Southeast offers a number of degrees and degree tracks in chemistry and biochemistry. These degrees can serve as the foundation for further graduate and professional training as well as preparing a person for entry into the workforce. The Bachelor of Science degrees are approved by the American Chemical Society. For more information about the chemistry program, contact the School of Natural Sciences.

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Natural Sciences Office: (812) 941-2284


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Mission/Vision Statement

The Chemistry Program at IU Southeast is committed to providing a complete quality undergraduate education necessary for chemistry majors to be competitive in the job market and to succeed in graduate/professional schools.  The program is dedicated to offering quality courses to meet the needs of nursing, education, and other majors.


Students entering the university in pursuit of a chemistry degree complete for the four year renewable Malcom Kochert Scholarship for Physical Sciences.  Three chemistry scholarships (Rand, Roy Goode, & Brian Hill) are available for chemistry juniors and seniors.

Learning Goals

  1. Chemistry majors will gain knowledge in specific areas of chemistry, as measured against national norms.
  2. Chemistry majors will demonstrate hands-on skills in the laboratory. 
  3. Chemistry majors will be able to communicate chemistry effectively. 
  4. Chemistry BS majors will participate in original research.

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