School of Arts and Letters

Minor in Music

Program Admission Requirements

  • All music minors are required to take courses that engage the student in the general study of music through music literature, theory, technology, and performance.  The following courses serve as a foundation to this study.  A more specific description of these requirements is located online at:

Core Program

  • MUS-M 201 The Literature of Music 1
  • MUS-M 202 The Literature of Music 2
  • MUS-T 113 Music Theory I
  • MUS-T 115 Sightsinging & Aural Percp I
  • MUS-T 114 Music Theory II
  • MUS-T 116 Sightsinging & Aural Percp II
  • MUS-X 040 or 070 *Univ Instrumental Ensembles (040) or University Choral Ensembles
  • **Applied Instrumental Study (2 x)

*Please refer to the Music Department website ( for further information about these requirements.

 **Course prefix and number varies according to instrument.

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