School of Natural Sciences

General Requirements of the School of Natural Sciences

Admission Requirements

To be fully admitted into any of the degree granting programs offered by the School of Natural Sciences, students must complete the following:

  • Completion of student undergraduate program hours of 12 or more.
  • Student undergraduate program GPA of 2.0 or more.
  • Completion of ENG-W 131 with a C or better.
  • Completion of the First Year Seminar (FYS).
  • Completion of at least one introductory course in the major chosen by the student with a C or better.

Any student that has been fully admitted into a degree granting program may have the opportunity to participate in research.  Students that wish to enroll in research must request permission from a faculty sponsor and enroll in an Independent Study Course in their major or in the following course:

NATS-R 300 - Research in the Sciences (0-3 cr) P: Written consent of faculty sponsor.  Provides opportunity for students who want to participate in research to do so and students who received research fellowships to finish their work when their fellowship runs out.

Minimum Grade Requirements

The chart below outlines the minimum grade requirements for all degrees, certificates, and minors granted by the School of Natural Sciences.  Some degrees may have higher requirements.  See specific disciplines for details.

  • General Education- Passing grade (Note: ENG-W 131 requires a grade of C or better)
  • Discipline Core- (outside of Natural Science) C
  • NSCI Discipline Core- C
  • Discipline Core Electives- C
  • General Electives- Passing grade

Note:  Courses taken to satisfy more than one of the categories described above must meet the minimum grade requirement for both categories.

Credit Hour & Residency Requirement (Bachelor's Degrees)

Like all Baccalaureate degrees offered by IU Southeast, the School of Natural Sciences requires a minimum of 120 credit hours and a minimum of 30 credit hours of upper-level coursework (300-level or above).  No more than 64 credit hours earned in accredited junior/community colleges may be applied toward a Baccalaureate degree.

The University Bachelor's Degree Residency Requirement dictates that students must complete no less than 26 credit hours at IU Southeast during their senior year and no less than 10 credit hours of coursework in the major field of study.  In addition to this University Residency Requirement, the School of Natural Sciences requires that students complete the capstone course/requirement at IUS.  Students may also be required to meet the program specific residency requirements (where applicable) as outlined in this Bulletin under each specific program.

Residency Requirement (Certificate Programs)

The University Certificate Program Residency Requirement dictates that a minimum of 50% of the required credit hours for a Certificate Program must be completed in residence at IU Southeast.  In general, the School of Natural Sciences enforces this university residency requirement with no additions; however, students may be required to meet the program specific residency requirements (where applicable) as outlined in the Bulletin under each specific program.

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