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Minor in Microbiology

The Minor in Microbiology degree provides an opportunity for students to supplement their major in another discipline with acknowledged course work in the biological sciences.  Prerequisite requirements are usually required for upper level course work and must be fulfilled before the courses can be taken.  Biology major courses may be repeated only a limited number of times including late withdrawals.    

Minor Requirements
All courses listed below require a grade of C or better.

Course requirements include at least 20 credit hours of either lecture or lab courses in the biological sciences.  The 20 credit hours may include no more than one introductory biology course such as BIOL-L 102, PLSC-B 101, or ZOOL-Z 103.

Introductory Course Options (may select 1 course)

  • BIOL-L 102 Introduction to Biological Sciences 2
  • PLSC-B 101 Plant Biology
  • ZOOL-Z 103 Animal Biology Lectures & Lab

Minor Specific Course Options

  • BIOL-K 312 Immunology
  • BIOL-L 319 Genetics Laboratory
  • MICR-M 310 Microbiology
  • MICR-M 315 Microbiology Laboratory
  • MICR-M 420 Environmental Microbiology
  • BIOL-L 312 Cell Biology
  • BIOL-L 313 Cell Biology Laboratory

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