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Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary field that involves psychology, biology and chemistry, but can also include other areas such as computer science, communications or philosophy. Part of this field involves scientific research about the nervous system, while another involves applying knowledge of the nervous system to diagnosing and treating human disorders.

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1: Neuroscience majors will learn substantive knowledge in the fundamental areas of neuroscience.

2: Neuroscience majors will demonstrate an understanding of neuroscience and psychological methodology.

3: Graduating seniors should be able to apply the principles of neuroscience and psychology in real-life settings.

4: Graduating seniors should be aware of and proficient in using neuroscience and psychological resources (Information competency).

5: Graduating seniors should be able to document critical thinking ability when discussing or writing about neuroscience and psychological issues.

6: Graduating seniors should be able to communicate effectively about the field of neuroscience and psychology in both an oral and written format.

7: Graduating seniors should be able to work effectively with other students and professionals in the field of neuroscience and psychology.

8: Graduating seniors and alumni should be prepared for careers in neuroscience and psychology-related fields.

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