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Bachelor of Arts in Applied Health Science

Program Description

The curriculum of the Applied Health Science B.S. will focus on the non-clinical aspects of health care management and education, and, as such, it complements a wide variety of clinical degrees avaliable at IU. The BS AHS is designed to serve both traditional and non-traditional students attending full- or part-time. Individuals currently working in the health care industry with college credits and/or associates degrees will find the courses they need to complete a baccalaureate degree and advance their career prospects.

The IU Collaborative B.S. in Applied Health Science will require 120 credit hours. Students will complete the general education of their campus of admission (home campus) and collaborative requirements as outlined below.

Degree Requirements


Complete 120 total credit hours, with at least 30 at the 300-400 (upper division) level, with a program cumulative grade point average of 2.0. All AHSC courses must have a cumulative 2.0 GPA. 

General Education Requirements

Complete the Univerisity General Education curriculum requirements. 

Applied Health Science Core Courses 

Complete the following courses: 

  • AHSC-H 302 Essentials of the Healthcare Delivery System 
  • AHSC-H 303 Leadership and Management in Healthcare 
  • AHSC-H 330 Intercultural Health Communication (6)
  • AHSC-H 310 Health Policy, Ehtics, and Legal Issues (6)
  • AHSC-H 360 Epidemiology/Biostatistics and Population Health (6)
  • AHSC-H 340 Research in Health Sciences
  • AHSC-H 320 Consumer Health
  • AHSC-H 350 Economics of Health Care
  • AHSC-H 370 Informatics
  • AHSC-H 480 AHS Capstone: Grant Writing and Internship (6)

Applied Health Science Track (One Required)

Community Health Educator

Coursework will provide instruction in the skills necessary to conduct general health and wellness assessments and the techniques of health education.

Complete the following three courses:

  • AHSC-C 415 Health Care Delivery & Leadership (6)
  • AHSC-C 425 Program Assessment, Planning, & Evaluation I (6)
  • AHSC-C 435 Program Assessment, Planning, & Evaluation II (6)

Health Administration

Coursework will provide instruction in health care organization, planning, budgeting, and finance.

Complete the following three courses:

  • AHSC-A 420 Health Care Budgeting and Finance (6)
  • AHSC-A 430 Health Care Organization Supervision and Resource Management (6)
  • AHSC-A 440 Health Care Administration and Strategic Planning (6)

Electives (To Total 120 Credit Hours)

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