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Political Science is the study of power. Power is at the core of almost any kind of relationship – in families, workplaces, religious, community or government organizations. Political Science is primarily interested in the power relationship between citizens and their governments and in the power relationship among governments, whether it is between or within countries. Political scientists study how different governments use power, how power functions within government institutions and bureaucracies, as well as the sources and limits of governmental power. Political scientists examine interactions between citizens and government through elections, participation in interest groups, grassroots activism, and public opinion.

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1: Students will develop skills in research, critical thinking, data analysis, and oral and written communications.

2: Students develop the skills and methods of political scientists.

3: Students will become knowledgeable of the discipline of Political Science.


Thomas P. and Ellie Wolf Prize in Political Science and the Linda C. Gugin Scholarship - See a faculty member for more information.

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