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Bachelor of Arts in Music - Performance

Program Description

The performance concentration at IU Southeast is intended for those students who wish to focus their studies on a particular instrument (any orchestral or band instrument, piano, organ, guitar) or voice. The curriculum stresses the development of the student's technique and musicianship, ensemble dynamics, building a fundamental knowledge of individual repertoire, and acquisition of practical pedagogical techniques.


Students applying for entry into any Music B.A. or B.S. degree – as well as those applying for a music scholarship – must attend one of the Music Department’s Audition Days.  Students can audition in any one of our tracks from our five major concentrations: Music Industry, Composition, Performance, Music Education, and Pre-Music Therapy.   Audition dates and specific information relating to auditioning for certain tracks are posted on the music department’s website at Auditions

Degree Requirements

Students completing the Bachelor of Arts in Music - Performance must complete 120 total credit hours including: 

  • A minimum of 30 credit hours at the 300- or 400-level
  • Courses required for the music core and concentration must be completed with a grade of C- or higher or P for courses taken pass/fail.
  • A minimum overall GPA of 2.0 required to graduate. 

Music Core for Voice/Instrumental Performance 

All music majors are required to take courses that engage the student in the general study of music through music literature, theory, technology, and performance.  The following courses serve as a foundation to this study and are meant to complement specific courses in students' concentrations. 

  • MUS-T 113 Music Theory I (3 cr.) 
  • MUS-T 114 Music Theory II (3 cr.)
  • MUS-T 115 Sightsinging and Aural Perception I (1 cr. )
  • MUS-T 116 Sightsinging and Aural Perception II (1 cr.)
  • MUS-T 215 Sightsinging and Aural Perception III (3 cr.)
  • MUS-T 216 Sightsinging and Aural Perception IV (1 cr.) 
  • MUS-T 317 Analysis of Tonal Music (3 cr.) 
  • MUS-T 318 Analysis of Post-Tonal Music (3 cr.) 
  • MUS-M 201 The Literature of Music I (3 cr.) 
  • MUS-M 202 The Literature of Music II (3 cr.) 
  • MUS-M 403 History of Music I (3 cr.)
  • MUS-M 404 History of Music II (3 cr.) 
  • MUS-A 301 Electronic Studio Resources I (2 cr.) 

 Performance Concentration

  • Applied Study in the Major Performance Area: Complete 6 semesters of lessons in one area, each course at 2 cr.,  for 12 total credits. 
    • MUS-B Brass
    • MUS-D Percussion 
    • MUS-H Harp
    • MUS-L Guitar 
    • MUS-P Piano 
    • MUS-Q Organ 
    • MUS-S Strings
    • MUS-W Woodwinds
    • MUS-V Voice
  • Choose between:
    • MUS-P 100 Piano Elective and Secondary (2 cr.);or 
    • MUS-X 002 Piano Accompanying (2 cr.)
  • 4 completions of MUS-X 40 University Instrumental Ensembles or MUS-X 70 University Choral Ensembles (1 cr. each) for 4 total credits. 
  • 3 additional completions of MUS-X 001 for 0 credit. 
  • 7 Completions of MUS-X 95 Performance Class at 0 credits 
  • Senior Recital (1 cr) : Complete different recital class, depending on instrument/voice:
    • MUS-B 402 Brass BM Senior Recital 
    • MUS-D 402 Percussion BM Senior Recital  
    • MUS-H 402 Harp BM Senior Recital 
    • MUS-L  402 Guitar BM Senior Recital 
    • MUS-P  402 Piano BM Senior Recital 
    • MUS-Q 402 Organ BM Senior Recital 
    • MUS-S  402 String BM Senior Recital 
    • MUS-W 402 Woodwinds BM Senior Recital 
    • MUS-V 402 Voice BM Senior Recital 

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