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Psychology (Bachelor of Science)
Mission/Vision Statement

Faculty of the Psychology Program are dedicated to providing our students with an exemplary educational foundation that will enable them to pursue their career goals and to be educated members of our society.  The Psychology Program has developed a challenging curriculum where students develop the knowledge base and skills that today's employers demand and are necessary for the continuation of their education, such as written and oral communication, critical thinking, and teamwork.  

Degree/Certificate Requirements

See “General Requirements for Undergraduate Degrees at IU Southeast” and “General Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree.”

General Education Component

Note: This is not a re-statement of the University’s General Education Requirement but a list of specific General Education courses which are also requirements or pre-requisites for course work in the school/major.

Note: MATH-M 101, MATH-102 or a placement score that would place students in the following math 

  • MATH-M 118 Finite Mathematics

BA/BS Distribution Component

Total Natural Sciences requirements for the BS in Psychology are four courses, which must include two biological science courses (one with a lab) and one chemistry course.  A total of two of the Natural Science courses must be lab courses.

Major Specific Requirements 

41 credit hours including:

  1. PSY-P 101
  2. PSY-P 102
  3. COAS-S 154
  4. PSY-P 199 Majors should take this course within their first 60 hours.
  5. PSY-P 341 & P342 (This is a two-semester course. The grade for this course will be given after completion of both semesters. PSY-P 342 fulfills the research writing requirement for psychology majors.)
  6. PSY-B 452
  7. Applied experience (3 credits): Research (PSY-P 454, PSY-P 477, PSY-P 493, PSY-P 495) or Internship (COAS-S 399, PSY-P 301)
  8. Three of the “psychology as an experimental science” group: PSY-P 325; PSY-P 326; PSY-P 329; PSY-P 335; PSY-P 407; PSY-P 408; PSY-P 411; PSY-P 417; PSY-P 418; PSY-P461.
  9. One of the “psychology as a social science” group: PSY-B 310; PSY-B 354; PSY-B 388; PSY-P 305, PSY-P 319; PSY-P 320.
  10. One of the “psychology as an applied science” group: PSY-B 366; PSY-B 378; PSY-B 386; PSY-P 324; PSY-P 336; PSY-P 363; PSY-P 430.
  11. 6 hours of electives in Psychology.  Only 6 hours from COAS-S 399, PSY-P 493, PSY-P 494, and PSY-P 495 may be used for completing the requirements for the psychology major or minor. 
  • PSY-P 101 Introductory Psychology 1
  • PSY-P 102 Introductory Psychology 2
  • COAS-S 154 Pathways
  • PSY-P 199 Planning your Psychology Career
  • PSY-P 341 Research and Quantitative Methods in Psychology I
  • PSY-P 342 Research and Quantitative Methods in Psychology II
  • PSY-B 452 Seminar in Psychology

Applied Research - 3 credits (choose one of the following)

  • PSY-P 454 Field Experience in International Psychology
  • PSY-P 477 Applied Research in Psychology
  • PSY-P 493 Supervised Research
  • PSY-P 495 Readings and Research in Psychology
  • COAS-S 399 Internship 
  • PSY-P  301 Psychology and Human Problems

Three from the "Psychology as an experimental science" group

  • PSY-P 325 Psychology of Learning
  • PSY-P 326 Behavioral Neuroscience
  • PSY-P 329 Sensation and Perception
  • PSY-P 335 Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY-P 407 Drugs and the Nervous System
  • PSY-P 411 Neural Bases of Learning and Memory
  • PSY-P 417 Animal Behavior
  • PSY-P 418 Behavior Genetics
  • PSY-P 461 Human Memory 
  • PSY-P 408 Brain and Cognition 

One from the "Psychology as a social science" group

  • PSY-B 310 Life Span Development
  • PSY-B 354 Adult Development and Aging
  • PSY-B 388 Human Sexuality
  • PSY-P 305 Psychology and Culture 
  • PSY-P 319 Psychology of Personality
  • PSY-P 320 Social Psychology

One from the "Psychology as an applied science" group

  • PSY-B 366 Concepts and Applications of Organizational Psychology
  • PSY-B 378 Introduction to Industrial Psychology
  • PSY-B 386 Introduction to Counseling
  • PSY-P 324 Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY-P 336 Psychological Tests and Individual Differences
  • PSY-P 430 Behavior Modification
  • PSY-P 363 Psychology and Schools


6 hours of electives in Psychology.  Only 6 hours from COAS-S 399, PSY-P 493, PSY-P 494, and PSY-P 495 may be used for completing the requirements for the psychology major or minor. 


  • PSY-B 452 Seminar in Psychology

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