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International Studies draws from different disciplines, including language and culture, history, political science, economics and geography, providing flexible preparation for an increasingly global and rapidly changing world. Employers want skills the International Studies students learn, including multi-cultural competency, the ability to work in a diverse environment, multi-lingual communications skills, analytical and information management skills, and more. Common areas of employment for students majoring in International Studies include the private business sector, non-profit organizations, government, and education.

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1: Identify and describe a range of cultural, economic, political, and social systems around the globe and their interrelationships.

2: Demonstrate knowledge of essential and distinctive features of a particular world region and a language of the region. World regions such as literature and arts; history; economic, social, and political systems.

3: Demonstrate a sense of global citizenship, in terms of global competence, social responsibility, and global civic engagement.

4: Demonstrate effective analytical skills and oral and written communication skills.

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