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General Rules for All Undergraduate Programs
Transfer Credit
Although grades do not transfer and are not computed in a student’s IU Southeast grade point average (GPA), the School of Education uses transfer grades to determine eligibility requirements, including the GPA for admission to teacher education. Transfer grades are also used to determine graduation and licensing eligibility in academic plans and areas.

Currency of Course Work
All courses listed in the Professional Education Block must be completed within a 10-year period before graduation. Area requirements outside of education must also be completed within a 10-year period unless a waiver is granted by the program’s coordinator. Approval would be based on the significance of changes in the particular content area.
Variance from Requirements
Students requesting a variance from course or program requirements may petition for an exception. Exception forms are available in the School of Education. Students will receive written notification of the decision and appeals process.  

Good Standing in Teacher Education

To remain in good standing in the Teacher Education Program, candidates in elementary, secondary, and special education must:

  1. maintain an overall Indiana University GPA of 2.5 or higher for elementary and special education, 2.75 or higher for secondary education;
  2. complete each professional education course with a grade of C (2.0) or higher, and if pursuing special education, earn no less than a grade of B– (2.7) in each special education course;
  3. maintain a minimum overall GPA in professional education courses of 2.5 (or Satisfactory in courses graded as S/F) for elementary and special education and 2.75 (or Satisfactory in courses graded as S/F) for secondary education; and
  4. maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 for elementary and special education majors in content area blocks, 2.75 for secondary education in each licensing area with no grade less than C;
  5. maintain compliance with IU Southeast School of Education dispositions.

Candidate program status is assessed through multiple means at various summative decision points in the program. Candidates not in good standing may be required to complete professional improvement plans prior to continuing in the program.

To Be Eligible for Degree
Candidates must pass all decision points within their respective programs and complete all campuswide requirements in order to be eligible for a bachelor’s degree. Candidates in the Elementary Education, Special Education, and Secondary Education Programs must apply for the degree by October 1 for graduation in May, March 1 for August graduation, and June 1 for December graduation. 

To Be Eligible for Licensure

Candidates are responsible for completing the necessary application processes for a teaching license. License applications cannot be forwarded to the state until all program and degree requirements are met.  To be eligible for teacher licensure, all candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Candidates for IN educator certification must:
    • Have been accepted into and successfully completed their particular SOE degree/certification program;
    • Have earned state approved certification in both CPR/AED and 'suicide recognition and prevention';
    • Have earned state-prescribed passing scores on the state-determined content and pedagogy assessment(s) (see the licensing advisor for details on specific tests);
    • Apply and pay for the appropriate license;and
    • Be recommended for the license by the IU Southeast licensing advisor.
  • KY certification is usually available after acquiring appropriate IN license; additional testing may be required - see the licensing advisor.

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