Entrepreneurship Minor (for Business Majors)

Core Requirements

You must complete five courses (15 Credit Hours) in Business as defined below with a minimum grade of C- in each course and an overall grade point average of 2.0 in the set of Business courses.

Note: For students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business, only one course will double-count toward both an entrepreneurship minor and another concentration.

Dept. Course Number Title Credit Hours Minimum Grade
Principles of Entrepreneurship (9 Credit Hours)
BUS-W 211 Contemporary Entrepreneurship 3 C-
BUS-W 311 New Venture Creation 3 C-
BUS-W 406 Venture Growth Management 3 C-
Supporting Knowledge Set (6 Credit Hours)
BUS-A 310 Management Decisions and Financial Reporting 3 C-
BUS-A 414 Financial Statement Analysis and Interpretation 3 C-
BUS-F 260 Personal Finance 3 C-
BUS-D 300 International Business Administration 3 C-
BUS-K 330 Contemporary Topics in Information Technology 3 C-
BUS-M 303 Marketing Research 3 C-
BUS-M 330 Consultative Selling 3 C-
BUS-M 405 Buyer Behavior 3 C-
BUS-M 415 Advertising and Promotion Management 3 C-
BUS-M 421 Fundamentals of Negotiation 3 C-
BUS-M 426 Sales Management 3 C-
BUS-P 421 Supply Chain Management 3 C-
BUS-W 320 Leadership and Ethics 3 C-
BUS-Z 440 Personnel-Human Resource Management 3 C-
ECON-E 338 Business and Economic Applications of Geographical Information Systems 3 C-
ECON-E 350 Money and Banking 3 C-
ECON-E 333 International Economics 3 C-
BUS-Z 445 Human Resource Selection 3 C-
XXX-X 300/400 300-400 level course from other campus schools (as approved by business advisors) 3 C-

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