Minor in Human Resources

People are an organization's most important asset, and effective human resources management is a critical component of any organization's business strategy. A minor in human resources will enable you to understand how people act in a professional environment and to help them maximize their potential.

Core Requirements

You must complete five courses (15 credit hours) in Business as defined below, with a minimum grade of C- in each course and an overall GPA of 2.0 in the set of Business courses.

Dept. Course Number Title Credit Hours Minimum Grade

The following two courses (6 credit hours) must be completed:

BUS-Z 302 Managing Behavior in Organizations 3 C-
BUS-Z 440 Personnel-Human Resource Management 3 C-

Complete three additional courses (9 credit hours) from the following list:

BUS-Z 443 Developing Employee Skills 3 C-
BUS-Z 444 Personnel Research and Measurement 3 C-
BUS-Z 441 Wage and Salary Administration 3 C-
BUS-Z 445 Human Resource Selection 3 C-

Academic Bulletins

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