School of Natural Sciences

Minor in Informatics

Students interested in the Informatics Minor are required to take the following:

  • Three courses from the Informatics core course list.
  • Two courses from the upper division Informatics courses.

Why obtain a Minor in Informatics?

  • Informatics and computing are affecting almost all human endeavors.
  • Adding an Informatics Minor will complement and enhance a student's major area of study.
  • The graduate will more effectively use technology in her/his vocations and avocations.

Suggested Informatics Minor Tracts (Sequence)

Transdisciplinary Track - Informatics Minor (can be completed in 1 year - Spring, Summer, Fall)

  • INFO-I 101
  • INFO-I 202
  • INFO-I 303
  • INFO-I 330
  • INFO-I 356

The Transdisciplinary Track is recommended for students pursuing a non-technical major.  Many of the courses on the Transdisciplinary Track are offered online, so it is a very flexible track that can be accommodated into one's schedule easily.  Students interested in the Transdisciplinary Track should contact the Academic Advisors in the School of Natural Sciences (LF 258) for personal guidance on developing a semester-by-semester course plan.

Design Track - Informatics Minor

  • INFO-I 101
  • INFO-I 210
  • INFO-I 300
  • INFO-I 303
  • INFO-I 330

Technical Track - Informatics Minor

  • INFO-I 101
  • INFO-I 210
  • INFO-I 308
  • INFO-I 320
  • INFO-I 427

Note: INFO-I 110 and INFO-I 111 are recommended for students with no prior exposure to computer programming.

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