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Health Information Management (Bachelor of Science)

The Indiana Commission for Higher Education has approved the Bachelor of Science degree in Health Information Management (HIM) for the Indiana University Southeast campus; however, the degree is not yet accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM).  We will be pursuing accreditation by CAHIIM in the near future.  Students that wish to become a Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) must graduate from a CAHIIM accredited program.  In order to become fully accredited by CAHIIM, the professional curriculum is being developed under the guidance of our HIM Program Director who is a Registered Health Information Administrator.  The professional curriculum will meet the curriculum competencies and knowledge clusters developed by AHIMA for Health Information Management at the Baccalaureate Degree Level.  Please note there is no guarantee of accreditation by CAHIIM; however, the current degree in Health Information Administration was approved by the Commission for Higher Education and is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of North Central Accreditation, which provides accreditation for Indiana University Southeast. 

Health Information Management is a multi-disciplinary degree which combines training in the fields of health informatics, business and health science.  Students graduating with this degree will gain the skills necessary to work with health information systems and health data management, and be able to bridge the gap between clinicians and health information technology.  Students will acquire the knowledge needed to become an integral component of the health information management system.  In addition, students pursuing this degree will complete courses required for the Certificate in Medical Coding and will be eligible to sit for the American Academy of Professional Coder’s (AAPC) exam to become CPC credentialed.  These courses will train students to become masters of all code sets including CPT, ICD-10- CM, and HCPCS Level II.  Graduates may also choose to become credentialed in the following American Health Information Management Association credentials:

  • Certified Coding Associate (CCA)
  • Certified Coding Specialist (CCS)
  • Certified Health Data Analyst (CHDA)
  • Certified Healthcare Technology Specialist (CHTS)


Student Learning Goals

  1. Data Structure, Content, and Information Governance
  2. Information Protection: Access, Disclosure, Archival, Privacy, and Security
  3. Informatics, Analytics, and Data Use
  4. Revenue Cycle Management
  5. Health Law & Compliance
  6. Organizational Management & Leadership


Degree Requirements

Students receiving the Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management degree must complete 120 total credit hours including:

  • General Education Core (30 cr.)
  • Major requirements (87 cr.)
  • Electives as needed to complete 120 total credit hours

  • A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required
  • Courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted
  • Courses required for the major must be completed with a grade of C or higher
  • A minimum of 30 credit hours at the 300- or 400-level

Major Requirements

Courses marked with an asterisk (*) can be used to satisfy a General Education Core Requirement.

  • ENG-W 231* Professional Writing Skills
  • COMM-S 121* Public Speaking
  • MATH-M 114* Quantitative Literacy II
  • Choose one of the following
    • PSY-P 101* Introductory Psychology 1
    • PSY-P 102* Introductory Psychology 2
  • BIOL-L 101* Intro to Biological Sciences 1 (5 cr.)
  • ANAT-A 215 Basic Human Anatomy (5 cr.)
  • PHSL-P 215 Basic Human Physiology (5 cr.)
  • MATH-K 300 Statistical Techniques for Health Professions
  • INFO-I 101 Introduction to Informatics (4 cr.)
  • INFO-I 356 Globalization, Where We Fit In
  • INFO-I 303 Organizational Informatics
  • INFO-I 202 Social Informatics
  • INFO-I 330 Legal and Social Informatics of Security
  • INFO-I 308 Information Representation
  • HIM-M 108 Introduction to Health Information Management
  • AHLT-M 330 Medical Terminology
  • AHLT-R 200 Pathology
  • HIM-M 390 Medical Coding I
  • HIM-M 391 Medical Coding II
  • HIM-M 392 Physician Reimbursement
  • AHLT-M 350 Medical Science for Health Information I
  • BUS-W 301 Principles of Business Administration
  • HIM-M 318 Principles of Finance for Health Information Management
  • HIM-M 302 Health Law II and Ethics
  • HIM-M 313 Principles of Health Information Management
  • HIM-M 314 Lab Enrichment for Principles of Health Information Management (1 cr.)
  • HIM-M 329 Healthcare Data Analytics and Information Governance
  • HIM-M 423 Quality and Performance Improvement in Healthcare
  • HIM-M 435 Project Management for Health Information Management
  • HIM-M 470 Healthcare Reimbursement System
  • HIM-M 416 Principles of Management and Leadership for Health Information Management
  • HIM-M 436 RHIA Exam Readiness
  • HIM-M 445 HIM Practicum I

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