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West European Studies


  • WEUR–G 599 Thesis Research (0 cr.)
  • WEUR–W 301 Modern European Politics and Society (3 cr.) The politics, economics, and social structures of Western European countries. Examination of selected domestic and international issues, including the welfare states, the European community, and West-East European relations.
  • WEUR–W 401 Topics in European Intellectual History (3 cr.) A survey of modern European intellectual history from the French Revo­lution to the present. Open to advanced undergraduate and graduate students.
  • WEUR–W 501 The Economics of European Integration (3 cr.) Study of the integration of the economies of the member states of the European Union (EU) since the Treaty of Rome; economic policy making institutions and the EU budget; economic theory of a customs union and a single market; imperfections in the single market, including unemployment; monetary integration, and monetary union; common policies and reforms; widening of the EU to the east and south; and emphasis on relevant cur­rent events.
  • WEUR–W 504 Model European Union (1–3 cr.) Analysis of the decision-making powers of the European Union (EU). Formal simulation of the EU. Course may be repeated for credit.
  • WEUR–W 602 International Briefing (1–5 cr.) Covers three large regions: East Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe, and Western Europe. Team-taught by three specialists in politics, culture, and societies.
  • WEUR–W 605 Selected Topics in West European Studies (1.5-4–12 cr.)
  • WEUR–W 800 M.A. Thesis (arr** cr.)
  • WEUR–W 805 Individual Readings in West European Studies (1–8 cr.)
  • WEUR–W 875 Research in West European Studies (arr. cr.)
Modern Greek
  • WEUR–E 200 Second-Year Modern Greek (3 cr.) P: Students enrolling must have either taken E491 or placement examination. Course will build on language skills acquired during first semester. This will involve covering more advanced grammar, vocabulary, and developing writing skills. Emphasis placed on verbal expression. For graduate reading knowledge. Credit will not count toward degree.
  • WEUR–E 491 Elementary Modern Greek for Graduate Students (3 cr.) For graduate reading knowledge. Credit will not count toward degree.
  • WEUR–E 492 Readings in Modern Greek for Graduate Students (3 cr.) P: E491 Continuation of first semester. Credit will not count toward degree.
  • WEUR–E 580 Advanced Modern Greek I: Cultural Literacy and Current Events (3 cr.) This course, designed for students who have completed the equivalent of two years of Modern Greek study, assists advanced students in developing both their communi­cative competency in modern Greek and their awareness of Greek culture and society.
  • WEUR–E 581 Advanced Modern Greek II: Literature, History, and Cinema (3 cr.) This course assists advanced students in developing both their communicative competency and their awareness of Greek culture and history. In particular, the course will focus on improving language skills by engaging Greek history through literature and cinema.
  • WEUR–E 605 Topics in Modern Greek Society and Culture (3 cr.) Selected ideas, trends, and problems in modern Greek culture. Specific topics will be announced each semester.

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