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Cognitive Science



Robert L. Goldstone* (Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Graduate Faculty

(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral disser­tations.)

Chancellor’s Professors

Robert L. Goldstone* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), David B. Pisoni* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Elliot R. Smith*(Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Chancellor’s Professor and Distinguished Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences
Robert Nosofsky*, Linda Smith *

College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science; Adjunct Professor of Comparative Literature; Director, Center for Research on Concepts and Cognition

Douglas R. Hofstadter*
Distinguished Professor of Biology and Gender Studies

Ellen D. Ketterson*

Distinguished Professor and Luther Dana Waterman Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Richard M. Shiffrin*

Distinguished Professor and Rudy Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

James T. Townsend* (Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Distinguished Scholar of Psychological and Brain Sciences

William Estes

Oscar R. Ewing Professor of Philosophy

J. Michael Dunn (Emeritus)

Barbara Jacobs Chair in Education

Thomas M. Duffy*, Sasha Barab *

Rudy Professors

Bennett Bertenthal* (Psychological and Brain Sciences),  Stanley Was­serman* (Psychological and Brain Sciences, Sociology, Statistics)


Colin Allen* (History and Philosophy of Science), Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig* (Second Language Stud­ies), Randall Beer* (School of Informatics and Computing), Geoffrey Bingham* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Katy Börner* (Information Science), Jerome Busemeyer* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Thomas Busey* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Phil Connell* (Speech and Hearing Sciences, Linguis­tics),  Steven Franks* (Linguistics, Slavic Languages and Litera­ture), Judith Gierut* (Speech and Hearing Sciences), Andrew Hanson* (School of Informatics and Computing), Diane Kewley-Port* (Speech and Hear­ing Sciences), John Kruschke* (Psychological and Brain Scienc­es), Annie Lang* (Telecommunications), David Leake* (School of Informatics and Computing), Richard Lesh* (School of Education), Lawrence Moss* (Mathematics), Timothy O’Connor* (Philosophy), Jonathan Plucker* (Educational Psychology), Robert Port* (Emeritus, Linguistics, School of Informatics and Computing), Yvonne Rogers* (Library and In­formation Sciences, Informatics), Kathy Schick* (Anthropology), Martin Siegel* (School of Education),  (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Olaf Sporns* (Psychological and Brain Sciences, Neuroscience), Erik Stolterman* (School of Informatics and Computing), William Timber­lake* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Peter Todd* (Cognitive Sciences,School of Informatics and Computing), Nicholas Toth* (Anthropology), Michael W. Trosset* (Statistics), Larry Yaeger* (School of Informatics and Computing)
Associate Professors

Johan Bollen (Informatics), Rowan Candy* (Optometry), Kenneth de Jong* (Linguistics), Hamid Ekbia (Library and Information Science, Cognitive Science), Julia Fox* (Telecommunications), Michael Gasser* (School of Informatics and Computing, Cognitive Science), Lisa Gershkoff-Stowe* (Speech and Hearing Sciences), Jason Gold* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Eric Isaacson* (Music), Jennifer Lentz* (Speech and Hearing Sciences), Jonathan W. Mills* (School of Informatics and Computing), John Paolillo* (Library and Information Science), Luiz Pessoa* (Psychological and Brain Sciences),  Luis Rocha* (Informatics), Matthias Scheutz* (Cognitive Sciences, School of Informatics and Computing, Informatics), Thomas Schoenemann (Anthropology), Jonathan Weinberg* (Philosophy)

Assistant Professors

John M. Beggs* (Physics), Joshua W. Brown* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Nathaniel Brown (School of Education), Isabelle Darcy (Second Language Studies), Markus Dickinson* (Linguistics) Melissa Gresalfi (Learning Sciences, School of Education), Amit Hagar* (History and Philoso­phy of Science), Karin Harman James* (Psychological & Brain Sciences), Kris Hauser (School of Informatics and Computing),Thomas W. James* (Psychological and Brain Scienc­es), Michael Jones* (Cognitive Sciences, Psychological and Brain Sciences), Sandra Kuebler* (Linguistics), Chien-Jer Charles Lin (East Asian Studies), Sharlene Newman* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Nicholas Port* (Optometry), Robert Joseph Rydell* (Psychological & Brain Sciences), Selma Sabanovic (School of Informatics and Computing), Chen Yu* (Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Associate Faculty

Arthur F. Bentley Professor
Elinor Ostrom* (Political Science, Public and Environmental Affairs)
Barbara Jacobs Chair in Education
Donald J. Cunningham* (Emeritus)

Chancellor’s Professors

James C. Craig* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Daniel Dinnsen* (Linguistics), Steven Sherman* (Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Chancellor’s Professor of Economics and Henry H. H. Remak Professor of West European Studies

Roy Gardner*

John F. Mee Chair of Management

Phillip Podsakoff*

Martha Lea and Bill Armstrong Chair in Teacher Education

Frank K. Lester* (Emeritus)

Robert A. Lucas Chair of Law

Jeffrey Evans Stake*

Rudy Professor

George von Furstenberg* (Emeritus, Economics)
Alessandro Vespignani* (Informatics and Computing)

Tanis Chair of History and Philosophy of Science

Elisabeth Lloyd*


Joyce Alexander* (School of Education), Curtis Bonk* (School of Education), Arthur Bradley* (Optometry), J. Clancy Clements* (Linguistics, Spanish and Portuguese), William Corsaro* (Sociology), Ivor K. Davies* (Emeritus, Instructional Systems Technology), Stuart Davis* (Linguistics), Joseph Farley* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Daniel Friedman* (School of Informatics and Computing), Preston Garraghty* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Jeffrey Hart* (Political Sci­ence), Beverly Hartford* (Emeritus, Linguistics), Julia Heiman* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Ed Hirt* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Marianne Kielian-Gilbert* (Music), Eugene Kintgen* (Emeritus, English), David MacKay* (Emeritus, Busi­ness, Geography), Daniel Maki* (Emeritus, Mathematics), Emilia Martins* (Biology), David McCarty* (Philosophy), Eugene McGregor Jr.* (Public and Environmental Affairs, Political Sci­ence), Michael McRobbie* (School of Informatics and ComputingInformatics, Philosophy), Laura Murray* (Speech and Hearing Sciences), Christopher Peebles* (Emeritus, Anthropology), Philip Podsakoff* (Busi­ness), Paul Purdom* (School of Informatics and Computing), Charles Reigeluth* ( School of Education), Thomas Schwen* (Emeritus, School of Education), Robert Sherwood* (School of Education), Maynard Thompson* (Emeritus, Mathematics), Larry Thibos* (Optometry), Frederick Unverzagt (Medical and Molecular Genetics, Medical Neurobiology), Dirk Van Gucht* (School of Informatics and Computing), , James Walker* (Economics), Charles Watson* (Emeritus, Speech and Hearing Sciences, Psychological and Brain Sciences), Arlington Williams II* (Economics), Wayne Winston* (Business)

Associate Professors

Raquel Ander­son* (Speech and Hearing Sciences), Eli Blevis* (Informatics), Tom Evans* (Geography), Theodore Frick* (School of Education), Dennis Groth* (School of Informatics and Computing), Daniel Hickey* (School of Education), Yoshihisa Kitagawa* (Linguistics), Filippo Menczer* (School of Informatics and Computing,School of Informatics and Computing), Robert F. Potter* (Telecommunications), Gregory Rawlins* (School of Informatics and Computing), Dennis Senchuk* (Philosophy, Education), Bruce Solomon* (Mathematics), Frances Trix (An­thropology, Linguistics)

Assistant Professors

Julie Anderson (Speech & Hearing Sciences),Theresa Burnett (Speech and Hearing Sciences), Amy Hacken­berg (School of Education), Laura Hurley* (Biology), Kal­pana Shankar* (School of Informatics and Computing , David Stringer (Second Language Studies)
Associate Scientists

Erick Janssen* (The Kinsey Institute, Psychological and Brain Sciences), Gary Kidd* (Speech and Hearing Sciences)

Senior Lecturer

Leah Savion (Philosophy)

Graduate Advisor

Associate Professor Michael Gasser*, School of Informatics and Computing, Lind­ley Hall 230H, (812) 855-7078

Academic Bulletins

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