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History and Philosophy of Science
Cross-Listed Courses


  • H500 History of Anthropological Thought in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (3 cr.)


  • L769 Literature and Science (4 cr.)


  • J554 Seminar: Science Writing (3 cr.)


  • S660 Sociology of Science (3 cr.)

Individualized Study

  • X600 Advanced Readings Course (cr. arr.)**
  • X700 M.A. Thesis (cr. arr.)**
  • X800 Ph.D. Thesis (cr. arr.)**

**These courses are eligible for a deferred grade.

History and Philosophy of the Biomedical Sciences (available from the Department of History and Philosophy of Science and the Department of History)

  • A broad range of courses and seminars covering the history of medicine from antiquity to modern America are offered on a regular basis.

Logic Courses

  • A variety of logic courses is regularly offered through the Philosophy and Mathematics departments. Students should consult the Philosophy Department’s graduate bulletin for the most current list of logic courses offered for graduate credit.
  • Ph.D. students in History and Philosophy of Science who wish to satisfy their research skills requirement in logic must consult with the director of graduate students in the Philoso­phy Department to determine which courses they may take to meet that department’s formal logic requirement. Minimally, students must demonstrate a thorough understanding of first-order logic and take two graduate courses in logic broadly con­strued to include philosophy of mathematics and philosophy of language, of which at least one is in logic narrowly construed, i.e., involving formal methods and metatheory.

Academic Bulletins

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