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Institute for Biblical and Literary Studies


Biblical and Literary Studies

IBLS-I 600 Colloquium in Biblical and Literary Studies


E451 Myth and Legend (3 cr.)
E455 Anthropology of Religion (3 cr.)

Classical Studies

C405 Comparative Mythology (4 cr.)
G301-G302 Classical Greek: Accelerated Courses (3-3 cr.)
G308 Readings in Biblical Greek (3 cr.)
G611 Greek Papyrology (4 cr.)
L505 Medieval Latin (4 cr.)

Comparative Literature

C501 Introduction to Contemporary Literary Studies (4 cr.)
C503 Topics in World Criticism and Theory I (4 cr.)
C504 Topics in World Criticism and Theory II (4 cr.)
C505 Western Literary and Intellectual Traditions to 1500 (4 cr.)
C506 Western Literary and Intellectual Traditions after 1500 (4 cr.)
C545 The Bible and Western Tradition (4 cr.)
C580 History and Theory of Translation (4 cr.)
C601 Studies in the History of Theory and Criticism (4 cr.)
C602 Contemporary Theoretical Issues and Approaches (4 cr.)
C641 Literature in Its Intellectual and Cultural Contexts (4 cr.)
C643 Literary Studies and the Social Sciences (4 cr.)
C644 Literary Studies and Psychoanalysis (4 cr.)
C645 Literary Studies and Religion (4 cr.)
C801 Directed Research in Comparative Literature (cr. arr.)


G660 Stylistics (4 cr.)
L605 Critical and Interpretive Theory (4 cr.)
L608 History of Literary Criticism (4 cr.)
L705 Problems in Language, Literature, and Literacy (4 cr.)
L707 Studies in Literary Theory and Criticism (4 cr.)


F527 Folk Poetry and Folksong (3 cr.)
F545 Folk Narrative (3 cr.)
F734 Folklore and Literature (3 cr.)

French and Italian

F564 Approaches to Literary Criticism (3 cr.)
F584 Stylistics and Semantics (3 cr.)
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
N416 Comparative Talmudic Literature (3 cr.)
N471-N472 Biblical Hebrew I-II (3-3 cr.)
N586 Medieval Hebrew Literature (3 cr.)

Religious Studies

R511 Religion of Ancient Israel (3 cr.)
R521 Studies in the New Testament (3 cr.)
R531 Studies in Christian History (3 cr.)
R532 Studies of Religion in American Culture (3 cr.)
R541 Studies in the Jewish Tradition (3 cr.)
R590 Directed Readings in Religious Studies (cr. arr.)
R610 Studies in Biblical Literature (4 cr.)
R663 History of Biblical Interpretation (3 cr.)

Semiotic Studies

S601 Introduction to Semiotic Studies (3 cr.)

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