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Professor George V. Rebec*

Graduate Faculty

(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral disser­tations.)

Chancellor’s Professor of Psychology

George V. Rebec* (Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Linda and Jack Gill Chair of Neuroscience

Cary Lai* (Psychological and Brain Sciences)
Kenneth Mackie* (Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Rudy Professor

Bennett I. Bertenthal*(Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Eleanor Cox Riggs Professor

Aina Puce* (Psychological and Brain Sciences)


Robert de Ruyter* (Physics), Joseph Farley* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Preston E. Garraghty* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), William P. Hetrick* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), David M. Koceja* (Kinesiology), Laura L. Murray* (Speech and Hearing Sciences), Brian F. O’Donnell* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Dale R. Sengelaub* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Olaf Sporns* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Roderick A. Suthers* (Physiology), William D. Timberlake* (Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Associate Professors

T. Rowan Candy* (Optometry), Gregory E. Demas* (Biology), James L. Goodson* (Biology), Justin P. Kumar* (Biology), Jonathan W. Mills* (Informatics), Kyung-Tai Min* (Biology), Luiz Pessoa* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Anne L. Prieto* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), William P. Shofner* (Speech and Hearing Sciences), G. Troy Smith* (Biology), Cara L. Wellman* (Psychological

Assistant Professors

John M. Beggs* (Physics), Heather B. Bradshaw* (Psychological and Brain Scieces), Joshua W. Brown* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Theresa A. Burnett (Speech and Hearing Sciences), S. Lee Hong (Kinesiology), Laura Hurley* (Biology), Karin Harman James* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Thomas W. James* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Sharlene D. Newman* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Nicholas Port* (Optometry)


Gabriel P. Frommer* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Dolo­res Schroeder* (Anatomy), Alfred Strickholm* (Physiology)

Director of Graduate Studies and Academic Advisor

Professor George V. Rebec*, Psychology Building 361, (812) 855-4832

Academic Bulletins

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