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Jewish Studies


Jewish Studies
  • JSTU–H 500 Topics in Jewish Studies (3 cr.) Topics: Jewish Thought; Zionism and Contemporary IsraelIntensive study of selected topics and issues in Jewish Studies. May be repeated with dif¬≠ferent topics for credit.
  • JSTU–H 520 Colloquium in Jewish Studies (4 cr.) This course is an interdisciplinary survey of various methodologies and ap­proaches to the field of Jewish studies.
  • JSTU–H 595 Directed Readings in Jewish Studies (1–3 cr.) Directed readings in various topics in Jewish Studies; topics, credit hours, and readings to be determined in consultation with faculty member with whom the student wishes to work. May be repeated twice for up to 6 credit hours.
  • ANTH–E 332 Jewish Women: Anthropological Perspectives (3 cr.)
  • ANTH–E 682 Memory and Culture (3 cr.)
  • ANTH–E 600 Seminar in Cultural and Social Anthropology (3 cr.) Top­ics: Ethnicities of Israel; The Jewish Family; Jewish Women; Modern Jewish Society and Culture.
Comparative Literature
  • CMLT–C 505 Western Literary and Intellectual Traditions to 1500 (4 cr.) Topic: Ancient Mediterranean Literature and the Rise of Interpretation
  • CMLT–C 545 The Bible and Western Literature (4 cr.) (when topic fo­cuses on Hebrew Bible) Topics: The Poetics of Biblical Narrative; Prophecy and Poetry.
  • ENG–L 761 American Poetry (4 cr.) Topic: Conceptualizing Culture after Auschwitz
  • ENG–L 780 Special Studies in English and American Literature (4 cr.) Topic: Literature of the Holocaust
  • FOLK–F 634 Jewish Folklore and Ethnology (3 cr.)
Germanic Studies
  • GER–Y 501 Beginning Yiddish I (3 cr.)
  • GER–Y 502 Beginning Yiddish II (3 cr.)
  • GER–Y 503 Intermediate Yiddish I (3 cr.)
  • GER–Y 504 Intermediate Yiddish II (3 cr.)
  • GER–Y 505 Topics in Yiddish Literature (3 cr.) Topics: Fantasy, Real­ism, and Fiction: The First Century of Modern Yiddish Litera­ture, 1810-1913; Love, Soul, and Destiny in Modern Yiddish Literature; Readings in Modern Yiddish Poetry; Selected Read­ings in 20th-Century Yiddish Fiction.
  • GER–Y 506 Topics in Yiddish Culture (3 cr.) Topics: Aspects of Modern Yiddish Culture, 1880-1980; Culture, Memory, and Identity: Yid­dish in the Post-Holocaust World; Ghetto, Shtetl, and Beyond: Millennium of the History and Sociology of Yiddish; History and Society of Yiddish; Readings in Yiddish Ethnography: Folklore and Dialectology; Yiddish in America.
  • GER–Y 815 Individual Readings in Yiddish Studies: Language, Litera¬≠ture and Culture (1–4 cr.)
  • HIST–H 523 The Holocaust (3 cr.)
  • HIST–H 620 Colloquium: Modern Western European History (4 cr.) Topics: Approaches to Jewish Studies; Globalization and Jewish History; Jews in Modern Europe; The Judeo-Spanish Diaspora; Life after Death: Rebuilding Germany after World War II.
  • HIST–H 640 Colloquium in Russian History (4 cr.) Topics: Jews in East­ern Europe; The Holocaust in the Soviet Union
  • HIST–H 645 Colloquium in East European History (4 cr.)
  • HIST–H 680 Colloquium in Cultural History (4 cr.)
  • HIST–H 720 Seminar: Modern Western European History (4 cr.)
  • HIST–H 740 Seminar in Russian History (4 cr.) Topic: Culture and Empire; Jews in Eastern Europe.
  • HIST–H 745 Seminar in East European History (4 cr.)
  • HIST–H 780 Seminar in Cultural History (4 cr.)
Institute for Biblical and Literary Studies
  • IBLS–I 600 Colloquium in Biblical and Literary Studies (4 cr.) (when topic focuses on Hebrew Bible)
Near Eastern Languages and Culture
  • NELC–H 500 Elementary Hebrew I (2 cr.)
  • NELC–H 550 Elementary Hebrew II (2 cr.)
  • NELC–H 575 Introductory Readings in Hebrew Literature (3 cr.)
  • NELC–H 590 Intensive Elementary Hebrew (4 cr.)
  • NELC–H 600 Intermediate Hebrew I (3 cr.)
  • NELC–H 650 Intermediate Hebrew II (3 cr.)
  • NELC–H 670 Advanced Hebrew I (3 cr.)
  • NELC–H 680 Advanced Hebrew II (3 cr.)
  • NELC–N 471 Biblical Hebrew I (3 cr.)
  • NELC–N 472 Biblical Hebrew II (3 cr.)
  • NELC–N 473 Biblical Hebrew III (3 cr.)
  • NELC–N 511 Foreign Study in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (2–8 cr.)
  • NELC–N 517 Biblical Hebrew IV (3 cr.)
  • NELC–N 587 Modern Hebrew Literature in English (3 cr.)
  • NELC–N 588 Recent Hebrew Literature in English (3 cr.)
  • NELC–N 591 Directed Readings in Hebrew (1–6 cr.)
  • NELC–N 675 The Kibbutz in Fact and Fiction (3 cr.)
  • NELC–N 687 Modern Hebrew Literature in Hebrew (3 cr.)
  • NELC–N 691 Research in Medieval Hebrew Texts (3 cr.)
  • NELC–N 695 Graduate Topics in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (1–4 cr.) Topics: Biblical Themes in Modern Hebrew Literature in English; Introductory Readings in Hebrew Literature; Mod­ern Hebrew Literature in English; Recent Hebrew Literature in English; Recent Hebrew Literature in Hebrew; S. Y. Agnon and the Jewish Experience.
  • NELC–N 708 Seminar in Judaic Literature (4 cr.)
  • NELC–N 720 M.A. Thesis (arr. cr.) This course is eligible for a deferred grade.
Religious Studies
  • REL–R 511 Religion of Ancient Israel (3 cr.) Topics: The Book of Job and the Crisis of Faith; Studies in Religion (Issues in the Study of the Hebrew Bible); Narrative in the Hebrew Bible.
  • REL–R 521 Studies in Early Christianity (3 cr.) Topics: Ancient Medi­terranean and Near Eastern Religions; Paul and His Influence in Early Christianity.
  • REL–R 541 Studies in the Jewish Tradition (3 cr.) Topics: The Struggle for the Holy Land: Power, Piety, and Politics in the Israeli-Pales­tinian Conflict; Prophecy in Ancient Israel; Judaism in the Mak­ing; Introduction to Jewish Mysticism; Messiahs and Messian­ism in Comparative Perspective; Religious Thought in Medieval Judaism; Religious Issues in Contemporary Judaism (Major Trends in Modern Judaism; Women in Judaism); Talmud, Top­ics in Ancient Israelite Religion (The Sabbath in Literature and Liturgy); Topics in the History of Judaism.
  • REL–R 660 Religion and Culture (4 cr.) Topics: American Jewish Thought and Culture; Studies in American Judaism: Theological and Cultural Perspectives.
  • REL–R 672 Religious Thought and Ethics (4 cr.) Topic: The Jewish Jesus: From Antiquity to the Present
  • REL–R 714 Studies in Jewish Thought and Culture (4 cr.)
  • REL–R 610 Studies in Biblical Literature and Religion (4 cr.)
  • REL–R 615 The Bible in Literature Courses (4 cr.)
  • REL–R 663 History of Biblical Interpretation (4 cr.)
  • REL–R 763 History of Biblical Interpretation (4 cr.)
  • REL–R 793 Advanced Biblical Study (1–4 cr.)
Slavic Languages and Literatures
  • SLAV–C 564 Modern Czech Literature and Culture (3 cr.) Topic: 20th-Century Literature, History, and Film.
  • SLAV–C 565 Seminar in Czech Literature and Culture (3 cr.) Topic: Central European Literature and Culture Between the Wars.
  • SLAV–R 545 Jewish Characters in Russian Literature (3 cr.)

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