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Geological Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences

Departmental E-mail: geograd [at] indiana [dot] edu

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Degrees Offered

Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy

Special Departmental Requirements

(See also general University Graduate School requirements.)

Admission Requirements

An undergraduate degree in the physical or natural sciences. It is expected that students will have an undergraduate back­ground that includes course work in allied sciences/mathemat­ics, equivalent to one year of chemistry and physics or biology, mathematics through differential and integral calculus, plus at least 6 credit hours of higher-level courses. A substantive foun­dation course in field geology or comparable independent field experience is also expected. Students with degrees in engineer­ing or other related fields are also encouraged to apply. The general Graduate Record Examination is required.

Master of Science Degree

Course Requirements

A minimum of 30 graduate credit hours, including at least 20 credit hours in geological sciences.

Doctor of Philosophy Degree

Course Requirements

A total of 90 credit hours, including dissertation and 35 credit hours of course work approved for graduate credit (excluding G600, G700, and G810), of which a minimum of 20 credit hours must be taken within the Department of Geological Sciences.


Outside minor in a related field (including chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, and environmental sciences), or, under certain conditions, in geochemistry, geophysics, or geobiology.

Foreign Language/Research-Skill Requirement

Reading proficiency in one foreign language (French, German, Russian, or Spanish) or a research skill in mathematics, com­puter science, chemistry, or physics. Courses taken to satisfy this requirement do not necessarily carry graduate credit. For specific details concerning approved research-skill courses, con­sult the Director of Graduate Studies.

Preliminary Examination

Comprehensive: written.

Qualifying Examination

Written and oral.

Final Examination

Oral defense of the dissertation.

Academic Bulletins

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